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Want to Be a Guest Blogger for "The Well-Fed Writer Blog"?



Since launching TWFW Blog in March 2008, we've developed a pretty extraordinary commercial writing "master mind" here. The blog has made its mark in that time, and has enjoyed great participation, with an average of ~25 comments per post!


In 2010, TWFW Blog was named a Top 50 Freelance Writer Blog (sponsored by Online PhD Programs). 


I've kept the blog frequency low: about twice monthly (heck, it usually takes 7-10 days to work through the commentary on any given post). That said, I'd love to start posting a bit more frequently, and to do that, I really need your help.


A Team Approach

After all, TWFW philosophy has always been collaborative. My books, ezine, knowledgebase, the new Partner Pantry, and yes, the blog, wouldn't be possible without the countless stories, insights, inquiries and experiences from commercial writers across the country and the globe. I'm just one guy, with one limited set of commercial copywriting experiences. The more perspectives we can showcase, the richer the blog will be.


What Could You Share?


Perhaps a prospecting strategy that's borne some serious fruit over the years?


An unusual market (if you're willing to reveal it)?


A particularly great success story, with a lesson attached?


A fabulous tip that's made you more efficient, better networked or more profitable?


An insight into the business that's made a huge difference for you?


Anything else that can help commercial writers make more money, have greater professional fulfillment, or enjoy a higher quality of life?


(Got an idea that doesn't fit any of the above? Run it past me!)



No "Guru" Status Required

Keep in mind, you don't have to be a seasoned freelance copywriting veteran. Had an experience that taught you something and enhanced your career in some way, something that others would benefit from? I don't care if you started your commercial freelancing career a few months ago; let's hear it!




1) If you're not a regular subscriber/commenter on my blog, PLEASE read 4-5 past posts to get a sense of the format, content, tone, etc. The whole idea behind a post should be to spawn a rich discussion, not just pontificate. No boilerplate, generic articles, please.


2) Please email me here with a brief description of your proposed idea.


3) Your post should be specifically relevant to freelance commercial writers (i.e., NOT magazine writers, short-story writers, poets, journalists, etc.)


3) Guest posts should be 400-800 words (I'm flexible on the upper end, if it's good stuff!)


4) Real-world stories, accounts and experiences are best.


5) PLEASE include 3-4 questions at the end to turn it into a subject with "legs," one that can be a catalyst for an ongoing thread.


6) Deliver your post to me as a Text-Only file, and include a picture if desired, and send it all here.



"What's In It for Me?"

I'm afraid I can't pay for guest posts, but I'm hoping to find folks who've gotten a lot of value from my books, ezine, blog, knowledgebase over the years, and want to contribute something to the growing pool of information.


Of course, if you've got a book, ebook, ezine, report, service, program, blog, web site (writing-related, preferably…) you want to promote, I welcome your promo copy at the end of the piece.


NOTE: I never post content (even if it IS related to my blog) if I'm asked to promote a web site completely unrelated to commercial writing (i.e., Internet service, college degrees, etc.).  


Again, send ideas to me here!


Thanks in advance for helping to make TWFW Blog better than ever.  




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