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“Peter Bowerman's mentoring service saved our business...his service is a bargain.”

"Reaching out to Peter for an hour of coaching was one of the smartest investments I made in my business..."


"Peter is fun to work with, gracious with his time, and gives you the sense that he takes his clients’ successes very personally..."

"The advice he gave me was one of the best investments I could have ever made in my company..."


"...the first mentoring session has generated several thousand dollars in projects..."

"Peter is equal parts preacher, psychologist and coach...exactly [what] I needed to propel me into action..."


"...it’s well-nigh impossible to overstate how much can be gained in one hour of discussion with him..."


"He will tell you what you have, what you need to work on, and how you should go about it..."


"By following just the first of his suggestions, my investment in our session has already paid for itself more than twice over..."


"He has absolutely nothing to prove, and only wants to help..."

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A Copywriter Since 1994, a Coach Since 2002

Since starting my commercial freelancing business in 1994, I've absorbed an enormous amount of information about the commercial freelancing field. While much of that has ended up in three books on the subject (the first two now rolled into one updated edition), and finds its way into my popular ezine and blog, my ongoing work in the field and contacts with literally of thousands of people along the way add up to a whole universe of knowledge about writing for companies – across a broad spectrum of circumstances and situations. And as I stay active in the field, that knowledgebase continues to grow.

Though I've been a commercial-writing (and self-publishing) coach since 2002, my rates (below) have stayed extraordinarily reasonable for the value delivered (see Testimonials). But if you're not aware of what other coaches charge, don’t believe me. Do your own research and find out. 


How Might You Use My Mentoring Service?

·      Starting a commercial freelancing career and feeling overwhelmed with everything involved?

·      Have questions/concerns about the process?

·      Have a unique situation/scenario you'd like to talk through?

·      Transitioning from another kind of writing (technical writing, magazine freelancing, journalism), and want to craft a practical and effective game plan?

·      Trying to cut the corporate apron strings and go out on your own?

·      Want to breathe new life and direction into an existing practice that's plateaued or stagnated?

·      Looking to add some life and color to your writing style, in order to take on writing projects requiring a more compelling and engaging tone?

·      Looking for a motivational boost based in reality?

·      Want specific feedback on your samples or web site? (Details on "The One-Hour Sample or Web Site Review" here)

·      Looking for a experienced, longer-term "by-your-side" guiding hand as you launch your commercial freelancing practice? (Details on the "Extended 'Sidecar' Coaching Program" here)  


Here's How It Works:

NOTE: All mentoring is conducted by phone. In-person sessions (for those in the Atlanta area) are possible, but, 1) they need to be held in the Vinings/Smyrna area, and 2) they will incur a charge of 30 minutes off the clock (i.e., purchasing a two-hour block for an in-person meeting will yield 90 minutes of actual meeting time). 

General Mentoring Consult

Purchase sessions in advance in one-hour blocks: $150.

  • Use your time as one 60-minute block or two 30-minute blocks (pay for full hour in advance).
  • Emailed questions are 10-minute minimum (i.e., if it takes 10 minutes or two minutes to answer, you'll be charged 10 minutes, so best to consolidate questions!) 
Purchase two hours for $275 or three hours for $375 (total paid in advance). For a more extended coaching plan (and less expensive per hour), see "The Extended 'Sidecar' Coaching Program" link below.   

For details on "The One-Hour Sample or Web Site Review" click here.

For details on "The Extended "Sidecar" Coaching Program" click here.

"OK, I'm Sold! What's Next?"

Here's what you do:

Contact me by e-mail (peter@wellfedwriter.com) and suggest at least three possible time slots for the initial session (M-F, either between 10:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m or 4:00 -6:00 p.m., EST) AT LEAST 7-14 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF YOUR CONTACT.  Make payment in advance of session.

Payment Options:


1) Order Online here using your Credit Card or Paypal 

(PayPal Users: Choose one of the three options below, and you’ll be prompted at the purchase screen to choose the PayPal option).


Well-Fed Writing Mentoring OR 1-Hour Web Site/Sample Review (1 hour)


Well-Fed Writing Mentoring OR 2-Hour Web Site/Sample Review (2 hours)


Well-Fed Writing Mentoring (3 hours)



2. Pay directly through www.PayPal.com by sending funds to peter@wellfedwriter.com, using your credit card OR having money deducted directly from your checking account.

NOTE: Missed appointments will incur a 30-minute charge against purchased time blocks.

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