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The Deluxe Well-Fed Tool Box & The Well-Fed Writer Time Line


 Hope you’re enjoying The Well-Fed Writer! Thanks for stopping by to take a look at some pretty killer companion ebook products to TWFW – tools designed to help you make more money and dramatically simplify your life as a commercial freelancer.  

1. The Deluxe Well-Fed Tool Box (automatic download after purchase; this is digital product only - you will not receive a physical book)
More than 120 “cut-n-pastable” pages of letters, lists, follow-up note formats, questionnaires, scripts, contracts, style guides, checklists, samples, tips, web sites, project case studies, info-packed reports, and much more! All designed to make your life as a commercial freelancer far easier and more profitable. The letters, forms, contracts, questionnaires and scripts you’ll find in these pages are the ones I use over and over for a whole variety of scenarios.

How long would it take you to create them yourself, or – if they appear in the book – to retype them? With the "Tool Box," just cut and paste!

PLUS, a whole pile of real-world project case studies, checklists, and info-rich reports! Check out the full contents here. Purchase link below.


2. The Well-Fed Writer Time Line (automatic download after purchase; this is digital product only - you will not receive a physical book)
Stay organized, NOT overwhelmed! Launching and growing a commercial writing business is a big job and big jobs need step-by-step blueprints. In TWFW Time Line, we’ve pulled out the key biz-building processes from the book, and laid them out in sequence: 16 pages covering start-up, cold calling, direct mail, email marketing, networking, meetings, calculating fees and more. All phases have check boxes for easy self-tracking, along with TWFW page numbers for further detail! Purchase link below.



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All sales are final. No refunds will be given except in the case of defective merchandise or failure on the part of Fanove Publishing or its agents to deliver the product. In either of those cases, please contact the publisher at info@wellfedwriter.com for resolution. Please signify your understanding and acceptance of this policy by clicking "I Accept". (a required step before proceeding).
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The Deluxe Well-Fed Tool Box
 –> Just $29.95 -

The Well-Fed Writer Time Line –> Just $14.95 -   

The Tool Box/Time Line Combo – Save $5! (Reg. $44.90)

You Pay $39.90! -


 Want to Save Even More? Purchase Either/Both with the Book here!

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