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We have run out of both The Well-Fed Writer and TWFW: Back For Seconds .

Click here to check out the new 2010 updated edition of TWFW (combining the content of BOTH original WFW titles).

Do you dream of earning a healthy income - 50K, 75K, even 100K or more! - as a writer while living a wonderfully free and flexible lifestyle?

Or perhaps make an extra $1500 - $2000/month part-time?

Want to be your own boss, get up when you want, take vacations when you want and work when you feel like it? Do you dismiss the idea as fantasy, since, after all, everyone knows that 'starving' and 'writer' are eternally joined at the hip?

What would you say if I told you that…

* There’s an arena of freelance writing that can give you all of this and more?
* You’d be a well-paid highly respected professional in your community?
* You can earn $50-125+ an hour, working up to $1000+ a week working 2-3 good days and still have time for a life, friends, and personal pursuits?
* Within your city, there’s plenty of work for the go-getter?
* You don’t have to be an incredible writer – that all of this is possible with decent, solid skills?
* I’ve got your road map in the form of books giving  you step-by-step directions for making your own writing dreams come true?

It's all in The Well-Fed Writer titles, the award-winning, multiple-book-club selections. In these lighthearted but comprehensive how-to guides, you’ll learn everything you need to be successful in this exciting and fulfilling career!



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