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The Well-Fed Writer (2010 Edition) – A Well-Praised Book!

“When it comes to commercial copywriting, I implore you to listen to every word that comes from Peter Bowerman. There is NOBODY I’d recommend more than Peter, and you’ll see why the moment you dig into this excellent book. Peter walks the walk, applying his ideas to his everyday business. He cares enormously about helping you live the dream: his books have literally transformed the lives of tens of thousands of writers.”

Michael A. Stelzner, Author
Writing White Papers: How to Capture Readers and Keep Them Engaged

“When the first edition of The Well-Fed Writer first came out, I said it provided the best advice on how to make more money writing for corporate clients I had ever read. This new edition – expanded, up-to-date, and with even more sound strategies for freelance success – allows me to reaffirm my original opinion.”

Bob Bly, Copywriter
Author of 75 books, including
Secrets of a Freelance Writer

“Peter has more experience helping writers make a good living than just about anyone I know. So I wasn’t surprised to find this updated edition of TWFW packed solid with valuable tips and strategies. His chapter on cold calling, particularly, is a must-read. As a 15-year copywriting veteran, I can tell you, there’s more practical advice here than in any other book of its kind I’ve ever read.”

Steve Slaunwhite, Copywriter, Author
Start and Run a Copywriting Business (and other writing titles)
Publisher, www.ForCopywritersOnly.com

“Over the years, I’ve recommended TWFW to countless aspiring copywriters who were eager for practical steps to take to find clients. With this new updated edition, it’s still far and away the best single source of information and inspiration for getting started as an independent writer for business clients.” (NOTE: Marcia recently named TWFW as one of her "30 Favorite Business Books" of her 30-year career. Check out the full list here.)

Marcia Yudkin, Author and Copywriting Coach


“If you want to live the six-figure freelance writing dream, and are looking for the real nuts and bolts of HOW to do it, without the hype and hysteria, this latest book by Peter Bowerman is exactly what you need. Solid substance from cover to cover.”

Nick Usborne, Copywriter
Author, Net Words
Editor, www.FreelanceWritingSuccess.com

“If you only invest in a one resource on commercial freelancing, make it this one. It will deliver 1000 times over in new business. Just when I thought Peter Bowerman had left no detail untouched, he’s outdone himself. This updated edition includes tons of examples from successful writers. It’s a welcome replacement for my dog-eared copy!”

Casey Hibbard, Author
Stories That Sell: Turn Satisfied Customers into Your Most Powerful Sales and Marketing Asset

“This book is an incredibly comprehensive resource for starting your own freelance writing business. And in classic Bowerman style, it’s encouraging to the core. On virtually every page, you can just about hear Peter whispering, ‘Come on, you can do this!!’ in your ear. A terrific update to Peter’s original WFW titles.”  

Pete Savage, Co-Author
The Wealthy Freelancer

“Writers, get this book! It can’t instantly solve your financial problems, but it can put you back in control of your commercial writing life — and future. This updated edition of TWFW shows you, step by step, how to enter this sturdy, flexible, rewarding field. Aside from showcasing the many kinds of commercial writing and the best ways to market your services, what’s most valuable is the book’s confident, helpful tone and the many examples and strategies from other freelancers. Congratulations, Peter. Well done!

Lucy V. Parker, Author
How to Start a Home-Based Writing Business (5th edition)

“If you’re seeking a comprehensive blueprint for starting your own high-profit writing practice (not an oxymoron!), you need this book. And as ‘The Queen of Cold Calling,’ I can say that Bowerman truly grasps the process and ‘gets’ the power of this oft-misunderstood marketing strategy.” 

Wendy Weiss
The Queen of Cold Calling

“Peter’s book more than fulfills the promise it makes. Do what he suggests and you too will become self-supporting through your writing. Bowerman writes with lightness and humor, and gives away every single success secret he knows in clear, easy-to-follow prose. Truly a must-read for any writer or anyone who wants to be.”

Anne Wayman, Writer, Ghostwriter, Writing coach
Editor, www.AboutFreelanceWriting.com

“Everybody who is wrangling words for a living ought to have this book on their shelves. It offers a great primer for the business and terrific tools to keep the enterprise rolling along. Subscribers to FreelanceSuccess.com refer to Peter frequently as the guru of freelancing for corporate entities.”

Jennie Phipps, Editor & Publisher
Freelance Success

“Peter thinks of every excuse you have not to be successful – and blasts them! He tells you how to hit it big in a small town, how to start out part-time when you have a full-time job, and how to overcome resistance to your healthy rates. You’ll get the scoop on social media, countless places to sell your services, how to succeed with email marketing, and more. If you want to earn top dollar freelance writing, you need this guide.”

Linda Formichelli, Writing coach, Author
The Renegade Writer: A Totally Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing Success

The Well-Fed Writer has always been a wonderful tool, and this new edition is just what writers need to give them the competitive edge they need in today’s economy!”

Moira Allen, Editor, www.Writing-World.com
Author, Starting Your Career as a Freelance Writer

“Grab a packet of Post-it notes and a highlighter before you pick up this book. It’s chock full of hundreds of examples of how commercial freelancers are earning a living in a marketplace glutted with mediocre writers. An added bonus: Bowerman’s writing style. His liberal use of sub-heads, lists and sidebars makes the book an easy read – techniques you can use when writing for your clients.”

Joan Stewart, Editor
The Publicity Hound

“How I wish that back in 1982, someone could have shoved a copy of TWFW under my nose and said, ‘You want to be a working writer? Go write marketing and informational copy for businesses and stop chasing the magazine/newspaper dream. Here’s how, step by step.’ Eventually, I figured that out, but Peter would have taken years off the process.”

Shel Horowitz, Copywriter
Author of seven books, including
Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers

“Back in 2004, The Well-Fed Writer woke me up to the tremendous opportunity in commercial writing, showing me not only that I could make a great living doing this, but how to get there. This new heavily updated edition is jam-packed with practical ideas, tips and strategies for launching, running and improving your freelancing business. Whether just starting out or seasoned pro, I can’t recommend it highly enough!”

Ed Gandia, B2B Copywriter
Co-Author, The Wealthy Freelancer

“Without any doubt The Well-Fed Writer is one of the best books on commercial writing I have read! Drawing on years of experience, Peter Bowerman shares up-to-date strategies and ideas for building a successful commercial writing business. With solid material and plenty of examples, it’s no wonder so many people have become full-time writers after reading Peter’s book.” 

Gary McLaren, Founder

“Absolutely the best book out there on how to make a great living from writing. No fluff, no bull. Bowerman’s message is simple: You can thrive as a writer, and here’s how to do it. The Well-Fed Writer offers up huge servings of advice and inspiration. If you’re serious about making it as a freelancer, open the covers and dig in.”

Beth Mende Conny, Founder

“Consistency and conviction mark this work, proving that Bowerman not only knows his stuff but lives it every day. At the very least, these words will banish your fears. At most, they’ll be your guide to a rewarding career as a writer with plenty to offer. I’m an independent commercial writer now, but I’m a former communications director for a $1 billion corporation, and Bowerman’s assessment of the other side of the hiring line is on the money. Use this book and exploit it to your advantage.”

Molly Badgett, Marketing Copywriter

“As an 11-year copywriting veteran, I didn’t think I’d learn anything reading this updated edition of The Well-Fed Writer. I was wrong. Whether you have no copywriting experience or decades of it, Peter’s book should definitely be part of your how-to book collection. You’ll find yourself referring to it again and again.”

Dianna Huff, Principal
DH Communications, Inc.

“In his updated TWFW, Peter serves up a generous helping of facts, tips, confessions, successes, encouragement and good cheer, enormously useful to any writer perched anywhere on the career curve. Looking for an ROI you can really brag about? You’ll find it in the pages that follow. I’m amazed at how comprehensive it is!”

Paul Glickstein
Advertising & Marketing Copywriter (30+ years)


“The new Well-Fed Writer rocks! As someone who’s been a fan since the first edition, I have to say that’s this is the best book so far. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who’s considering a career in copywriting. If only it had been in print 20 years ago when I got into this business.”

Steven Knapp, Technology Copywriter

“I thought it couldn’t get better than the first two WFW books, and I was dead wrong. The only problem is that it took me a lot longer to read the revised edition – because I’m completely slammed with writing work (for which I blame Peter). This book will be on my desk at all times.”

Kristen King, Freelancer since 2004 (full-time since 2006)

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