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The Banquet Testimonials

The Banquet Testimonials

“Where The Well-Fed Writer gave me the blueprint and inspiration to launch a FLCW career, The Banquet has given me the confidence to know that I will be successful! After reading these great stories from other FLCWs around the country (all with various backgrounds and writing experience) now “eating well” after putting Peter's strategies into action, I have no doubt that I, too, will be “well-fed”!”

Karen Reilly
Thousand Oaks, CA

“Peter Bowerman has done it again! The Banquet continues where The Well-Fed Writer left off full of great tips and encouragement from the author as well as a host of FLCWs all over the world.It’s a must-have for every freelance writer!”

Jane Pierce
Newburyport, MA

“Peter Bowerman’s done it again: He’s written another resourceful how-to guide on boosting the revenues of both established and wannabe commercial freelance writers. Want some proof? I bagged three new clients this week! Thanks, Peter.”

Michael O’Brien
North Easton, Massachusetts

“Just finished The Banquet. I'm always inspired by those who have gone out and done it. Thanks for the great info.”

Jerret Turner
Montgomery, Alabama

The Banquet more than surpasses what it promises to deliver! As a writer just starting out, each day I encounter a new dilemma, a must-make decision or a challenging situation for which I have no experience. The Banquet not only provides pragmatic solutions to some of those issues, it also inspires action and comforts the angst accompanying the freelance start-up process. The stories of others also just beginning are well worth the price of the book. Put simply, The Banquet rocks!"

Elaine Hutchison
Seattle, Washington

"A companion to his imminently usable The Well-Fed Writer, The Banquet continues the Bowerman tradition of telling his reader precisely how to have an actual, bona fide, pay-the-bills writing career."

Rob Rutkowski
Mission Viejo, CA

"The Banquet is an exceptional resource that offers solid guidance based on the experiences of professional writers. And as important as it is to understand the approaches that work, it's even more crucial to read about what didn't from those who tried it, crashed and burned. What more could a fledgling (OR seasoned) freelancer temporarily stuck in neutral need? The Banquet is packed with practical kick-starting information for writers at every stage. Nice going."

Lorrie Lykins
Tampa Bay, FL

"Excellent. I'm inspired. I was especially comforted by the business about us not being anything like cold-calling salesmen; if there was ever any one thing that would put me off from cold-calling, it would be the buttock-clenching embarrassment of being put into the same mental category as double-glazing and insurance salesmen. My own plan is well under way: business cards and post cards are ordered, web-site will be revamped shortly, lists for cold-calling are growing (for FLCWs in the UK, http://www.scoot.co.uk is
excellent). The Banquet came out just at the right time."

Jonathan Parry-McCulloch
Stowmarket, Suffolk, England

"I just finished reading The Banquet and I loved it! Every ounce is packed with incredible advice of the "Gee, I wish I'd thought of that!" variety. But who cares who thought of it - just do it! I recently subscribed to your e-newsletter but now I don't feel like I've missed out on any of the past info that's been shared. Plus there's tons of new content. I'm going to print it out and highlight all the important stuff - everything!!! Thanks for putting this together."

Jill Kogan
Chicago, IL

"I loved The Banquet! Very juicy indeed! It was just the extra "hands-on" knowledge I was looking for. The insight offered by other writers was both practical and creative. Well worth the money."

Megan Gruhl
Eagle River, AK

"When I first came across Peter's e-pub, I was hoping I could somehow have access to past issues. Then The Banquet came out, and I was thrilled! There's so many inspirational success stories and useful information on prospecting that it gives me hope! Thanks, Peter!"

Janice Sakata Samuelson
Janbie Copywriting Productions
Golden, CO

"Filled with practical suggestions and testimonials from successful commercial freelancers, The Banquet is a wonderful resource. Great advice at a great price!"

Bill Peper
Ann Arbor, MI

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