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Peter Bowerman - A Well-Praised Speaker!


“Not only are Peter Bowerman’s books a must-have for our members, his presentations at WIW’s 28th Washington Writers Conference could not have been better. Bowerman’s expertise, his interaction with the audience and his ability to instill fun made him one of our most popular speakers ever. When you contract Bowerman, you know you’re getting your money’s worth.”

Lisa Daniel, VP
Washington Independent Writers
(Now American Independent Writers)

“Peter Bowerman is the hardest working speaker I ever met. At our Washington Independent Writers 2007 Conference, he went out of his way to interact with our meeting attendees during meals and breaks, and he offered to add special events throughout the day, such as raffling off his coaching services and providing an impromptu commercial writing sample review/discussion. At our bookstore, he talked at length with browsers and signed books until his hand hurt! His presentations were entertaining, informative, and practical. If a writer walked away thinking he or she didn’t know how to make some money writing, they weren’t paying attention. And, Peter is just a really nice guy!”

Cecilia Sepp, Consultant & Writer
American Independent Writers
2007 Conference Co-Chair

(After 2008 conference):

“Peter Bowerman spoke at our annual conference two years in a row because his advice, insights, and personal experience are extremely valuable to the working writer. Our members at Washington Independent Writers (WIW) requested that he return. He is the most generous speaker I have worked with in my career; Peter not only presented a plenary speech, but participated on a panel and offered a workshop during the conference. His books and materials demonstrate the benefit of self-confidence, hard work, patience, and the power of networking!”

Cecilia Sepp, President
American Independent Writers

“As Chair for the 29th Annual American Independent Writers Conference in June 2008, it was my joy to invite Peter Bowerman to return for an encore presentation as plenary speaker. He gave a marvelous presentation that spoke to the entire audience – not just his comfort zone. Some of the feedback for his talk? ‘Practical,’ ‘inspirational,’ ‘powerful,’ ‘a home run,’ ‘personable,’ ‘loaded with content,’ ‘wow!’

“Peter comes to a conference not just as a speaker but as an offering. He gave personal appointments to aspiring writers, participated in a panel and gave a practical hands-on session for aspiring commercial writers. At all times he was personable and accessible to those in attendance. At the end of the day, Peter was not just our guest speaker, but a part of the conference team!”

Randy Sly
Chairman, 29th Annual Conference
American Independent Writers

“One of the most outstanding presentations at our recent writing conference at Indian Springs was that of writer and author Peter Bowerman. He gave a realistic portrayal of what one could expect in the world of writing with the added bonus of tips for self-publishing and marketing.

“The talk was entertaining, informative and motivational. His warmth and accessibility made his audience feel comfortable asking many follow-up questions and discussions. Among participants’ comments were ‘It’s wonderful to have someone with so much expertise in this area. I have learned how to earn more money through my writing.
He was invited back in 2010 by popular demand and, again, had tremendous impact. Bowerman is a marketing guru, nationally known as a role model for making a a successful living through writing, and as a top marketing/writing coach.”

Anne B. Jones, PhD, Conference Director
A Writer’s Vision Quest Conference
Author, Gold Thunder, All Around the Track,
Brave at Heart, and Blackwater Rising

“I want to recommend a terrific presenter for writers at any level: Peter Bowerman, the author of The Well-Fed Writer and Well-Fed Self-Publisher titles. Peter was a real hit at our Fall Conference here in the Research Triangle Park, where about 300 of us got together.

“I attended his workshop, enjoyed it immensely, and found the others in the class to just as enthusiastic. On written evaluations of the conference, one writer listed Peter’s class as a highlight of the weekend, and others cited his marketing roundtable as another of their favorite events. Your next event would be enhanced by having Peter Bowerman. His books are hot, his message is vital to writers trying to make a living, and his classes are just plain fun!”

Cynthia Barnett, Executive Director (Frmr.)
North Carolina Writers’ Network

“As founder and executive director of Georgia Writers Association for thirteen years, I had the pleasure of working with Peter Bowerman on many occasions and had the unique opportunity of watching him develop from a freelance writer of considerable talent into the greatly accomplished author, publisher, teacher, mentor and presenter he has become. At conferences where he has been a presenter for me, Peter has demonstrated over and over not only his knowledge and expertise in the field, but his professionalism, his accessibility, and his generosity with aspiring writers and would be self-publishers. In every case his evaluations by attendees have received the highest scores, and comments have always been effusive and grateful.”

Geri Taran
In The Company of Writers
Transform Your Writing Through Information, Inspiration, Publication

“Peter came highly recommended to our organization (www.stcrochester.org) as a keynote speaker for our annual 2007 Spectrum conference. In fact, some members had heard him speak previously, but were anxious to hear him again. His content was solid, his delivery was engaging, and everyone walked away with something uniquely enlightening. The ‘takeaways’ were different for each individual, which spells success for this diverse crowd.”

Amy Castronova, Administrative Council
Society for Technical Communication
Rochester, NY

“Thanks so much for joining our live self-publishing program last night here in Chicago, via phone hook-up from Atlanta. I could see the room, and they were quiet because they were leaning forward in their chairs nodding a lot or taking a ton of notes. It was a terrific thing for our organization to hear from you, and you created a large ‘wow’ by volunteering for stay on the line after the program for “one-on-one” time with attendees. You made friends and fans tonight, and for your good thinking, quick wit, articulate advice, and all-around swell presence, we humbly thank you and go forth better people.”

Judith West, VP/Strategic Development,
Chicago Women in Publishing

“If you’re looking for a dynamic speaker on making a living as a freelance writer or self-publisher, look no further than Peter Bowerman. He’s written the book on both subjects - “The Well Fed Writer” and “The Well Fed Self-Publisher.”

Noel Griese, Principal, Anvil Publishers, Inc.
Editor, The Southern Review of Books newsletter
Producer, Spring/Summer Book Show Seminar Series
Atlanta, Georgia

“We know Peter Bowerman’s work about self-publishing has made a great difference in the world of publishing, leading the way in alternative ways of writing AND making a living. But even Bowerman may not realize the teachings he’s made available for young people and the Language Arts teachers who teach them. Not every student who learns to write in school goes on to become the next great American novelist. Bowerman gives writing teachers the answer to “why do I need to learn this stuff (if I’m not going to be a writer)?

“By reading and learning about Bowerman’s journey and techniques, students will see how powerfully useful learning to communicate successfully can be to one’s life, along with seeing, most likely for the first time, alternative possible writing careers. And teachers who embrace the current best practice of writing along side their students, can also realize their dreams of becoming a published writer and/or simply supplementing their income with writing work. The education world needs to find Bowerman’s books and embrace them!”

Aaron Levy, PhD
Kennesaw State University
Assistant Professor English/English Education
Co-Director of The KSU Young Adult Literature Conference
KSU College of Humanities Teacher of the Year


"I knew I needed Peter Bowerman on my show when I decided to do an episode on self-publishing. Peter is the expert's expert on this topic, having both done it himself successfully and documented clearly what he did and how he did it. So I invited Peter on for a full hour, and it was fantastic. We filled the time with specifics about self-publishing, the dos and don'ts, and he held nothing back; Peter's overview was comprehensive and his details and stories were illuminating. My listeners were left with a fast-paced interview they'll want to listen to again and again, and they got actionable advice -- as I did. I look forward eagerly to my next opportunity to treat my listeners to Peter's brilliance, knowledge and wit."

 Tom Cox, Host
"Tom on Leadership"

"Peter, I want to thank you again for being a guest twice on my show. You are such an incredible wealth of information that I’m sure my audience benefited greatly from having you here. You were not only professional and full of tips, but you were a pleasure to talk with before, during and after the show. I thoroughly enjoyed your books, your candor and for being willing to come back for a second visit. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors!"

Deidre Hughey, "The Buzz Builder"

"I enjoyed your teleseminar yesterday. Thank you so much for taking the time to educate and inform SPAWN members. You truly have a powerful message for writers. We appreciate you taking time out for us and for being such a positive influence within the industry."

 Patricia Fry, Executive Director



"Thank you so much for participating on the Wednesday evening panel, "New Directions, New Respect: Trends and Resources for Today's Self Published Author" co-sponsored by the Atlanta Press Club and the American Society of Journalists and Authors. You were  awesome and judging by the comments from the audience, everyone agreed. You offered encouragement to authors wondering whether or not to venture into the self-publishing world, provided valuable information and made it all fun."

Mickey Goodman, President
SE Chapter of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA)


"In private, when writers huddle and whisper over glasses of wine, there seems to be one topic of conversation: 'What am I supposed to do with publishing houses clamping down and advance money drying up?' No question about it, our profession is in stomach-lurching transition. For some, this is a time of high anxiety. But for others, it’s nothing but sweet opportunity. Author Peter Bowerman is in the opportunity camp. In fact, he might have pitched the first tent.

"When I started teaching memoir and how-to books a few years ago, it was clear that not all books belong with major publishers, that some need to stay under the tight control of authors who know just where they need to go. I decided that Peter Bowerman had all the right answers and was fun to read, so I used his book, The Well-Fed Self-Publisher, as 'required reading.' Then last year at the Generations Writers Conference in Indian Springs, Georgia, I found myself face-to-face with Peter Bowerman himself. Shocked and delighted, I stayed after my presentation to attend his and discovered that the boy not only writes, but also teaches with equal skill and passion. He’s the whole enchilada.

"Mary Anna Evans, the 2010 Anhinga Writers’ Studio Summer Workshops faculty coordinator, called him and liked what she heard. And voila! We have Peter Bowerman coming to Gainesville to teach four sessions at the Anhinga this July (2010). For many, meeting Peter WILL be the turning point moment in their careers. If I had my way, I would bundle and gift-wrap this guy for every writer on the planet. He’s on a single-minded mission to eradicate the term 'struggling writer.' You gotta love him. And to tell you the truth, I think he can do it. He’s that smart!"

Bev Browning, Writer/Author/Speaker
Organizer, Anhinga Writers' Studio

"Peter, thanks for your contribution in helping to make The First Annual 'Write the World' conference in Atlanta such a phenomenal success! Brazilians and Americans alike learned so much from you about self-publishing and freelance business writing in your informative presentations, which gave them hope that they, too, could be successful. It was a delight to work with you; you're both professional and congenial. We wish you and all the writers you coach continued success!"

Mardeene Mitchell & James McSill, Co-Organizers
www.Write-the-World.com Conference 


"We at the Anhinga Writers' Studio (a mature conference in its 14th year) take our responsibility to our students seriously. We bring in top speakers from all over the country, and we choose people who are both fine writers and gifted teachers. When we learned that we could get Peter Bowerman to join us for our 2010 conference, we jumped at the chance.  We also considered it an auspicious sign that two of our three board members were already proud owners of his books.

He worked with us beforehand to tailor presentations suited to our students, whose writing interests range from self-publishing to memoir to commercial freelancing to fiction.  He provided practical and useful information on writing as a business, which was very welcome since we at the Anhinga Writers' Studio, like Peter, believe that a working writer should be well-fed. He gave a hands-on demonstration to attendees interested in commercial freelancing, showing them physical examples of writing that works and of writing that doesn't. And he took them on a tour of the changing face of publishing, giving them a glimpse into the possibilities inherent in self-publishing in print and in electronic form.

His personal generosity in interacting with students was notable, and we are already hearing from attendees who have successfully landed commercial freelancing jobs on the basis of his presentations. Motivating people to pursue their ambitions is my definition of a successful writers' conference. I highly recommend Peter Bowerman to anyone looking for a speaker who will help in achieving that goal."

Mary Anna Evans, Writer/Author/Speaker
Organizer, Anhinga Writers' Studio


"Professional, knowledgeable, engaging. Those are the words that come to mind when describing Peter Bowerman’s speaking style. His presentation at a special session of the Western Ohio Writers Association was not only well received, it was the first time members actually asked me when a speaker was returning to speak again before he’d even left the event. In addition to the presentation, I booked Peter on a local television news program to talk about the event and he did a fantastic job – cool, relaxed and well-versed in his subject matter. He’s a pleasure to speak with, eager to share his knowledge and always engaging. Peter is a welcome addition to any event and I’m looking forward to inviting him back to Ohio."


Updated testimonial (6/7/12) from Gery:


"Peter's books already inspire people, but his presentation to our December meeting of the Western Ohio Writers Association drew first-time visitors who have stayed on as members - many of whom are trying their hand at Freelance Commercial Writing. We are looking forward to having him speak again!"

Gery L. Deer


Western Ohio Writers Association (WOWA)

In Association With GLD Enterprises Commercial Writing


"East West Bookstore booked Peter for an event on his recent tour to the West Coast. He was prompt, he talked about what he said he would talk about, he filled the time with a focused presentation, and he was interactive with the event attendees. Peter brought copies of his books to sell so there were no late shipments or overstock returns, and the sales were double the usual percentage for our turnouts. We found him to be generous with his knowledge, adaptable to circumstances, and amenable to having his brain picked. 

"Here's a guy who wrote a book about self-publishing (newly updated), covering everything you need to know from the trenches after slogging through them (successfully) himself. Talk about making a buck as you learn! This guy is a genius for finding creative ways to earn a "well-fed" living as a writer, and we're all lucky to benefit from his experience. Peter Bowerman is eager to guide others on the path to self-publishing, and in person, he makes the whole intimidating process seem doable. We would book him again, without hesitation.

Diane Holcomb, Book Buyer
Sue Wilhite, Events Coordinator
East West Bookstore
Mountain View, California


"Peter spoke to our organization, Redwood Writers, at our regular monthly meeting. The topic was “Love to Write But Hate to Starve?
Keep Your Wallet & Passion for Writing ‘Well Fed’ with Lucrative Commercial Freelancing." We had an audience of perhaps seventy-five to eighty who listened intently as Peter spoke. We always encourage our members to fill out an evaluation of the speaker. They all came back positive with high rankings. I encourage any organization to invite Peter to speak. He is a well-spoken, well-informed speaker of the highest quality."

Robbi Sommers Bryant, Author,

Redwood Writers (Branch of California Writers Club)
Santa Rosa, California

"Peter was a featured speaker at a meeting of the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association in 2013. The feedback we received from members was uniformly positive, and attendees praised Peter and his practical advice to authors on how to become a successful writer and self-publisher. Peter has a first-hand and extensive understanding of these businesses, and he also has a willingness to share his talent and expertise in a refreshingly personal approach that writers of any experience can understand and profit from. I would recommend him as a speaker without reservation."

Joel Friedlander, President
Bay Area Independent Publishers Association (BAIPA)



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