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To make your job as a journalist or book reviewer even easier, consider some of the following “news pegs” for this subject: 

1) GOODBYE, STARVING WRITER: The topic speaks to all seasoned and aspiring writers, eager to demolish the cliche of the “starving writer.” Here’s a bona fide way to earn $50-125+ an hour as a writer. Most people would imagine that, typically, companies large and small would handle all their writing needs in-house, and that’s absolutely not the case. Sure, plenty do, but downsizing and outsourcing has many companies runner leaner than ever and replying on experienced (and well-paid) freelancers to help them.

2) UNEMPLOYED-TO-SELF-EMPLOYED: As the ranks of the unemployed swell, many of those out of work for an extended period of time and seeing little movement in the job market, will be driven by economic necessity to start their own businesses. Those with strong writing ability can leverage those skills and relevant career experience into writing for their former field, and do it with minimal start-up costs and overhead.

3) UNEMPLOYED-CAREER-REASSESSMENT: Many newly unemployed (especially those receiving a decent severance) are taking time to think through their next career steps. For those with strong writing skills and a love of the craft, the commercial writing field can offer the chance to write for a living and make an income that can, over time, easily rival their past salary. Career reassessment is especially strong among singles or couples with no kids – two groups with more freedom to exercise new career options driven by desire and passion over strict and immediate financial concerns.   

4) LEANER COMPANIES = MORE OUTSOURCING: As companies large and small shed employees (especially in marketing and communications departments), by definition, they’re more likely to need to outsource communications needs. In so doing, they will enjoy the historic pluses of going “outside”: no salaries/benefits to provide; buying only the services they need only when they need them; fresh “outsider” perspectives; and access to a wide range of talent. Indeed, trends like these are part and parcel of…

5) THE CHANGING FACE OF “WORK”: People are finding the traditional workplace increasingly less desirable. With higher percentages of company-provided health insurance premiums to pay, and shrinking or vanishing company contributions to pensions/401(k)’s, the historic pluses of traditional employment are losing their luster (THE historic plus – job security – is long gone). This shift is driving more to self-employment, and again, those with strong writing skills will find the commercial writing field a great way to leverage years of career experience into a low-overhead start-up opportunity.

6) AT-HOME MOMS: For the many at-home Moms who know they’re good writers, and who, as much as they love being Moms, would love to leverage their past career experience into a flexible, lucrative full- or part-time income, this topic has appeal. Many approach their old company or industry, and position themselves as the insider who knows the business, the culture, the vernacular, and, as such, has no learning curve and minimal “ramp-up” time. See http://www.wellfedwriter.com/moms.shtml.

7) HOME-BASED BIZ: The home-based business movement is huge and growing by the day. For those who know they write well, and want to channel that skill into a profitable direction and do it all from their home can find rich opportunities in this field.

8) "MATURE" AMERICA: The combination of healthy income potential and “on-my-own-terms” lifestyle flexibility makes this field an appealing draw for those either nearing or smack dab in the midst of “retirement.” And given the vast array and volume of commercial work out there, for many, it’s simply a matter of re-directing past career experience into a profitable writing direction.

9) CORPORATE FLIGHT: As more people leave the ranks of the conventionally employed (by choice or not...), many are seeking to recapture true quality of life, something that often comes as part of working for oneself. Again, one can leverage past industry experience to carve out a new life rich in time, flexibility and handsome income. And many further discover that while they may have hated their jobs in X industry, simply writing about that industry from the comfort of their home, and on their terms, is a whole different ball game.

10) BAD BUSINESS WRITING: In the past year, the media has highlighted the sad state of writing skills in the business world. This reality represents a golden opportunity for those who CAN write well to help corporate America communicate better. (See: The New York Times, December 7, 2004: “What Corporate America Can’t Build: A Sentence,” by Sam Dillon)

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