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Mentoring Testimonials

“In the Spring of 2010 I made the decision to hire someone to help me grow my copywriting business.  I ‘vetted’ several people, all well-known providers of consulting and coaching services to copywriters. After careful consideration and due diligence that included phone conversations and email exchanges with former clients of these consultants, I decided that Peter was the best fit for me. And I engaged him for a 10-hour block of one-on-one help. I’m pleased to say I made an excellent decision.
“His advice and guidance were exactly what I needed, and he was responsive, accessible and highly professional. With the boost I’ve received from Peter I’ve started to land some high quality, high-paying projects and the road ahead for my copywriting business looks brighter than it has in quite some time. So, if, like me, you’re not as successful with your copywriting business as you think you should be, or you’re looking to take your business to the ‘next level’...I recommend you get some help from Peter Bowerman.  He’s knowledgeable, he’s easy to work with, he’s a good guy – and most importantly, I think you’ll experience excellent results.”  

Ernest Nicastro
Positive Response Copywriting
Dublin, Ohio

“I spent an hour plus on the phone with Peter, and without a doubt, it was the best investment of my marketing money I've made so far. After that encouraging and wise consult, I got into action and have completely turned around my marketing strategies. Within two days, I tripled the number of contacts, and as a result, my phone is ringing with prospects, and I'm getting to yes on a consistent basis. Thank you, Peter!”

Kristina Anderson
EasyRead Copywriting
Seattle, Washington

“Peter Bowerman's mentoring service saved our business. My partner and I staked out a commercial freelance niche and developed our own web site but just weren't seeing results. We turned to Peter. He critiqued our site and nudged us to look at our business another way. Peter is positive, insightful and smart. Plus he's downright fun to work with. Bottom line: We refocused our business model and re-engineered our site. Business is humming. We owe it to Peter. His service is a bargain.”

Tim Weller & Lynn Van Dine
Harwich, MA

Reaching out to Peter for an hour of phone coaching was one of the smartest investments I made in my business. I learned a huge amount of practical information from his books, but his diagnoses of my website, samples, writing skills, and marketing efforts resulted not only in tailored, commonsense solutions but a palpable increase in the level of success I'm achieving now.

Joe Dungan
Valley Village, CA

"When I’m unsure how to proceed, I talk to Peter. He actually listens to my questions, and his quiet assurance is itself assuring. He helps without being a know-it-all or a cheerleader, and I always feel like he respects what experience I have already."

Ted Cuzzillo
Point Richmond, California

Peter Bowerman is full of it.It’, of course, refers to his vast knowledge of the business, his astute observations, and his uncanny ability to immediately pinpoint exactly what steps you need to take to successfully build your business. In my case, it was the business Web site that I had been putting off for years. Peter urged me to launch a site, and since I did, my ability to effectively market my business has exponentially increased. As if that wasn’t enough, Peter is fun to work with, gracious with his time, and gives you the sense that he takes his clients’ successes very personally. I will most definitely pick his brains again when I need advice.”

Kenya McCullum
San Francisco, CA

“When I was considering the idea of starting my own writing business, I read The Well-Fed Writer. After I finished the book, I was no longer considering the idea but implementing it. I kept the book by my desk and used it almost daily as a "virtual coach". But, as my business began to grow, I found that I had more and more questions that couldn't wait until Peter's next book came out.

“So, I contacted him and asked if he would consider consulting with me one-on-one regarding the issues I was confronting as a new business owner. Thankfully, he said "yes" and I was treated to one of the best hours I've ever spent. The advice he gave me regarding my particular questions and challenges was one of the best investments I could have ever made in my company. And, I plan on tapping into his knowledge again and again as my business transitions from level to level.”

K. Michele Lashley
President, Karacom Creative
Raleigh, NC

“Taking on an occasional freelance writing job is one thing, but going at it full-time is quite another. When you don't have a regular paycheck coming in, every client and every job are crucial. Success requires more than writing ability. You have to learn how to market your services effectively, and how to price them intelligently. And to gain the confidence to do these things, you have to understand how this business works.”

“In my experience, two hours of consultation with Peter have repaid the investment many times over. He knows the trade, and he's seen and worked through some of the concrete problems I've confronted. Just talking through some ideas about markets helped me narrow in on one - midsize manufacturing firms - with some quick results.”

Steve Marshall
Editorial Services for Business, Technical, and Marketing Projects
Atlanta, GA

“My middle school English teacher was the first person who made me believe I could make a living out of my talent for writing. For decades I’ve proclaimed her to be my favorite writing mentor. Now, some 30 odd years later, she’s been replaced. By our own Peter Bowerman!

“Peter is knowledgeable and has terrific insight into the business side of writing. No surprises there. But for someone with his talent and success, he is a heck of a nice guy. Which means you feel comfortable asking those ‘silly’ questions, are never intimidated, and can trust that he really cares about your business.

“He doesn’t waste your time and money with robotic responses to your questions. At the start of my second session with Peter he opened with, ‘I just emailed an article you might find interesting.’ At the close of this same session, he promised, ‘I’ll email some additional info on that subject.’ Sure enough, valuable information was waiting for me in my inbox. Thanks Peter for sharing your gift for coaching with all of us!”

Melzetta Williams
Business Stories and Profiles
Crofton, MD

"My 600 cold-calls had produced a great prospect list, but my closure rates were terrible. My first thought was, 'Woe is me, this is all just vaporware.' Then I discovered Peter's mentoring program. Within the first 10 minutes of our session, Peter identified the gaping hole in my marketing plan: 'Jim, get out there and book as many meetings as possible!' Wow!

"Within two weeks I booked six meetings and won three new clients. More are in the pipeline. I'm pleased to say that the first mentoring session has generated several thousand dollars in projects. In fact, I believe 60K in my first year of freelancing is a distinct possibility! Peter, start charging royalties for your tips and you'll be a rich man before the year is out!”

Jim Kleidon
WriteTex Communications
Marble Falls, TX

“The professional coaching I received from Peter Bowerman was essential for my writing business-not only in terms of the mechanics of running my business and finding clients, but also with regard to overcoming my fears of leaving the traditional work world.

“It's easy to get discouraged when you're starting your own business. Peter helped get me through my initial anxiety and, in only a few weeks of making calls to prospective clients, I'd landed my first project with a major corporation. I've been working at this for only six months and already have a solid client base and an income that far exceeds my original goals. And all this in a city I'd moved to only a few months earlier.

“The Well-Fed Writer helped me build the foundation for my business; and Peter's one-on-one advice gave me the extra "shot in the arm" I needed to not only make a living as a freelancer, but to exceed my income expectations in a very short period of time.”

Wendy Knerr
The Write Effect
Austin, Texas

“I was at a life-changing crossroads when I took Peter's course. I’d left a six-figure income and was anxious about pushing full-steam ahead into full-time freelance writing. Peter is equal parts preacher, psychologist and coach which was exactly the combination I needed to propel me into committed action. His generosity, insight, and advice in our mentoring sessions helped me establish myself in a top market in a year, making a comfortable income with great clients. Thanks to Peter, I have a wonderful new lifestyle and a career I love using my gifts.”

Suzanne Wright
President, Write2 Inc.
Atlanta, GA

“The time I spent with Peter one-on-one was extremely valuable because he knows the business so very well. Peter was able to give me very timely advice with several specific and detailed ideas to help me improve my sales and marketing.He was also a great encourager during some of those slower startup days and his technical expertise enabled me to perform some crucial fine-tuning that gave my business the shot in the arm it needed.

“With Peter's help and a lot of hard work of my own in less than six months I began generating a monthly part-time income of over a thousand dollars, while holding a full-time job, which I have kept to this day.Near the end of my first year, I snagged one project that netted me just under $10,000!Is this lucrative? The numbers speak for themselves! I would highly recommend Peter Bowerman's consulting services to any aspiring or established freelance writer. The time, talent, caring, and wisdom that he will give to you will far outweigh the check you'll write to him.”

Jim Meadows
Freelance Commercial Writer
Kansas City, MO

“As a recent college grad, I was a little nervous about taking the plunge into commercial writing. Peter helped me tighten up my website, strengthen my marketing strategies, and, most importantly, muster the confidence to take that first step. A must for anyone seriously considering pursuing this business.”

Todd Mayhew
Dyer, IN


“The first three chapters of the Well Fed Writer made such an impression on me that I contacted Peter the day after I bought the book. I had planned for years to make a transition to self-employment, but always talked myself out of leaving a lucrative job because I wasn’t sure I could be successful. I knew I needed an experienced mentor to stay on track.

“Peter’s a natural at coaching, and I consider his service one of the best investments I’ve made.He’s got the mechanics of freelancing down to a science.But Peter also has marvelous insight to the human side of business, and his ability to share that was essential for building my confidence.He really understands both writer and client experiences. It played out when he advised me on marketing strategies, pricing, and addressing my anxiety in changing careers.

“When my employer offered voluntary severance packages, I didn’t have to think about it for long - I left feeling that I was prepared to be successful.I had requests for bids within three weeks of earnest marketing, something I hadn’t dreamed would be possible! Now I’m off to a running start and have no excuse to think ‘small.’ And I’ll absolutely be calling on Peter’s expertise to help enable me for professional growth.”

Jill Taylor
Atlanta, GA

"Considering a session with Peter Bowerman? Do it! His mentoring is superb and it’s well-nigh impossible to overstate how much can be gained in one hour of discussion with him. About seven months ago I set out to become a full-time freelance commercial writer but lost my way for various reasons. When I was about to throw in the towel, I remembered that Peter offers this service. Our talk revealed efforts I should beef up and approaches I should abandon. With the new strategy we outlined, my enthusiasm and my optimism have taken flight. Most importantly, my chances for success have improved dramatically. Peter's strong suggestion to "Leverage What You Know" has become my mantra. I’m now busy with developing my marketing materials and, just as Peter predicted, I’m getting plenty of writing from this angle. If you’re still skeptical, call me and I’d be happy to tell you myself just how useful Peter’s mentoring has been for me: 571-431-6388. "

Jason Hancock
Arlington, Virginia

“I started my freelance commercial writing business with the valuable help of Peter Bowerman. He's practical, insistent, experienced, and funny - exactly what I want in a mentor. Maybe you can hang a shingle without his help, but if you want to be a professional right out of the gate, you need Peter Bowerman.”

Rob Rutkowski
Freelance Commercial Writer
Mission Viejo, CA

“As a budding copywriter planning my new business, Peter’s mentoring input was quite valuable and useful. One problem I’ve had in researching commercial freelancing as a potential business is the highly competitive nature of many friendships. This detracts from the clarity and accuracy of peer review that you can reasonably expect from professional acquaintances. Peter is not biased in any direction and has no axe to grind. He will tell you what you have, what you need to work on, and how you should go about it. He has absolutely nothing to prove, and only wants to help. In my case he provided essential validation to ‘go for it!’ Thanks, Peter!

Don Wallace
Dayton, Ohio

"I want to thank Peter Bowerman for his support, feedback, and friendship. He truly is a treasure! After I read The Well-Fed Writer, an extremely "user-friendly" book for freelancers, I contacted Peter. I was surprised that a successful author would actually take the time to write back. In addition to providing some general advice, he recommended I join a local networking group, The Freelance Forum. This took me to the next level of turning my passion into a viable business. I later sought Peter's wisdom through his mentoring services. What can I say? He attentively listened to my ramblings, was extremely intuitive, and gave me practical feedback based on what I discovered I knew all along! This affirmation was the kick in the pants I needed to propel me to take my business seriously.

"Since then we've been in touch, and he always takes a genuine interest in my most recent roller coaster ride. Nothing like a warm smile and an energetic, "You go girl!" to make your day. Peter, thanks a million for making The Writing Greenhouse grow and blossom!"

Michele Ryan
The Writing Greenhouse
Atlanta, GA


“With a keen outsider’s eye, Peter saw things in my business that were unclear to me because I was too ‘close’ to it. The biggest one was that I was not emphasizing what I do best...add a ‘human touch’ to business writing. This was a great “A-ha!” moment for me.I now know how to best market my strengths.

Peter also helped me handle some issues with ‘problem’ clients and boosted my own confidence by doing so. I now ask to be paid what I’m worth without flinching...and I get it. I can’t recommend consulting with Peter highly enough.”

John Patten
Lynnfield, MA

After living a paycheck-to-paycheck life, starting a business of one's own can be a daunting task. Peter talked me through the steps needed to create my writing business and get it going. The mentoring sessions didn't have the stodgy feel of a professor-pupil university lecture where the expert talks and the student listens. Rather, the tone is much more conversational with a steady back-and-forth. With good tips, tailored advice and valuable information, the sessions were indeed time well spent.

Jesse Reeves
Dayton, OH

“I’m confident the hour I spent with Peter reviewing my marketing materials will pay huge dividends. He provided great tips to “tighten up” my message, and insight into where my marketing efforts will be most effective. There is simply no substitute for Peter’s experience, and his ability to impart the wisdom that only comes from years of prolific execution of his craft. I’ll definitely be calling again.”

Craig Reaves – Copywriter
Jacksonville, FL


Becoming a freelance writer is an exciting, scary, overwhelming goal. What a relief to have a trustworthy adviser on my side. Peter gives great advice. He is sincere and encouraging. By following just the first of his suggestions, my investment in our session has already paid for itself more than twice over. I would definitely call him again.

Kelly Parkinson
San Francisco, CA


Peter Bowerman shares his golden nuggets of wisdom so that we aspiring freelance writers may never be forced to eat McNuggets again. Peter nailed what I've been doing right and wrong in my self-marketing approach and after one mentoring session, I now have the means to craft a solid action plan. As a former journalist who's transitioned into commercial writing, I needed help repackaging my services and clearly defining how my writing benefits my clients. Now I know what I need to do to get in front of clients who can pay respectable rates. Peter motivated me to challenge myself to dash my mediocre expectations and kick my freelance commercial writing into full gear. If science could figure out how to bean 'n' bag the energy he offers, it'd make one helluva coffee.

(After second session several years later): If you're a freelance writer seeking career guidance and you've found The Well-Fed Writer, and Peter Bowerman, look no further. Peter's one-on-one coaching helped me ramp up my business several years ago. Now he's helping me take it to the next level as I focus on the brand storytelling genre. Peter's willingness to share his business-building strategies and tactics with other freelancers -- at an affordable price -- is a great asset to the commercial writers' community. Book him now!


Heidi LaFleche
  Worry-Free Writing
® for Marketing Communications
Watertown, MA

During my one-hour session, Peter helped me revamp my marketing letter so that it projected more confidence. More importantly, he helped me see that I was selling myself short as far as the value of my experience and background, which in turn changed the way I started marketing myself. Peter also helped me realize that I’m good enough to NOT have to take every project that comes along. I had a project offered to me a couple weeks ago, and the guy’s attitude just screamed, “I’m a jerk to work with.” I turned it down. It felt really good!

Laurie Schmidt, M.S.
Science & Technology Writer


After establishing a few steady clients, I was unsure how to build my business. Investing in a mentoring session with Peter Bowerman was just what I needed. His combination of straight-shooting and confidence-boosting advice helped me hone my marketing techniques, learn from what I was doing right, make following-up a real priority and not be afraid to raise my rates. And he's funny, to boot!

Grace Myers
Minneapolis, MN


"Peter, your one hour mentoring session gave me just the boost I needed to get my business back on track after a hiatus of several months. Your suggestions for improving my website were particularly useful and I'm putting them into effect immediately. It was great to be able to use your knowledge and experience as a 'sounding board' to reassure me that I was on the right track with my planning. I'd certainly recommend your mentoring service to any copywriter just starting up, or to more experienced writers interested in fine-tuning their business."

Mark Schneider
South Lake, Australia

"Self-confidence. When trying to market yourself, there may be no greater asset. A sample review with Peter gave me confidence in my strengths as a writer, and a clear path forward to becoming a better writer. And as a bonus, Peter's a very pleasant, engaging fellow to chat with for a bit!"

Chris Delker, Texas 

"Thanks for your valuable call just now. You helped me solve at least six business issues that have been bothering me for some time now. I won't miss that weight lifted off my shoulders. I like that you have a really easy-going nature while bringing out solutions. Not only that, you added a ton of value in ways that would help me raise my fees and attract better quality clients. I would not hesitate to recommend your coaching to any freelance professional looking to accelerate their business."

Kevin Webb
Kevin Webb High-Tech Copywriting
Toronto, Canada


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