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"I consider our recent group coaching program one of the soundest investments I've made toward developing my freelance copywriting business. Your coaching technique is like your writing: an abundance of valuable information and guidance without the fluff. I anticipated that our sessions would be meaningful. I didn't anticipate that they would be so saturated with truly meaningful content about building a writing business. I appreciate your approach and your generosity. Thank you Peter, and continued success."


Karl Peters

Ferndale, Michigan




"I can hardly believe the four weeks are over. I looked forward to each call, enjoyed hearing the questions from other writers and the answers. Some of the questions I've had in mind myself, and some opened new areas to think about. I took good notes, and ended up with plenty of great information to get my freelance copywriting business going."


Barbara Johnson

Ottawa, Illinois




"The past 4 weeks have been some of the most productive I have had in a very long time. Somehow, I had gotten off track, and was having a difficult time getting back to my writing business again. It was very frustrating to feel like I was wandering all around my freelancing business, but never quite able to focus on where I wanted to go. Having known you since 2001, I was sure if anyone could help steer me back in the right direction of building a lucrative copywriting business, it would be you.


"When you offered the coaching classes, I jumped at the opportunity, and am so glad I did. Following the very first class, I was able to start the process of redefining my commercial freelancing business. By the second class, I was actually working again. By the third class, I had my writing web site almost completely redesigned, and am very pleased with the way it's looking now. I still have lots of work to do on it, but it's a pleasure to work on it now. I can't thank you enough for the time you spent in the classes. It has meant more to me than you'll ever know."


Teresa Beeman

Charlotte, North Carolina





"Thanks so much for giving us your time and talents this past month. Through the commercial writing group coaching series (and your books), you've helped my fledgling freelance writing business more than you know. Here's my week-by-week synopsis:

Week 1: This is great! Not only are all of my questions getting answered, but 11 other people are asking questions that I haven't even thought of yet! This is one juicy deal; each session is jam-packed with motivation and information. Can't wait for next week!

Week 2: I'm already seeing huge positive changes in my business. Fear: GONE. Procrastination: GONE. Doubt: GONE. I no longer worry about waiting for the 'perfect' website, the 'perfect' sample, the 'perfect' timing. I'm diving in and the water's fine!

Week 3: Developing friendships with other writing mentorees; we'll be keeping in touch for peer reviews and support. Learning so much each week. Confidence is building and writing clients are calling. Yeee ha!

Week 4: Incredible value!! Peter has been so generous with his knowledge and time. This coaching program has truly jump-started my commercial writing business. I'm writing more, enjoying it more and going after writing business with a new passion. The fear of 'can I do this?' is gone. I AM doing it!  


Peter, you not only gave us keen insight into every aspect of the professional copywriter's business, but you exemplify your words: you truly went the extra mile and gave us top value. Thanks for sharing yourself with us. It was just what I needed to really get past the fear and into the fun. Thanks again and again."


Jane Sanford

Austin, Texas

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"The concept works. Our group was mixed (people starting out and people in the business) which added to the quality of content. I gained confidence, knowing other writers faced the same challenges. Peter offered insights and handled the calls masterfully. I wholeheartedly endorse this medium for learning."


Timothy Wilhite

Aurora, Colorado


"What I loved so much about this course was not necessarily the content (though that was great, too) but rather the general sense of confidence that being in the class provided.  I felt a sense of camaraderie among our group of fellow writers and it gave me the impetus I needed to actually get out there and just do it. Thank you, Peter!"


Ann-Marie Meacham

San Jose, California





"I signed up for Peter's group coaching, more than a little skeptical, and with one central question: 'Is this commercial writing opportunity for real?' Before the end of the four weeks, I had an answer: a resounding Yes! AND an appointment to meet with a graphic designer who offered me paying writing work on the phone!  Peter's breadth of knowledge and calm reassurances will quell any concerns you may have about launching your own freelance commercial writing business. You might think of his coaching as 'Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Commercial Writing But Were Afraid to Ask.' Highly recommended."    



New Jersey 




"I highly recommend this group coaching for anyone who wants to start or revamp your business with assurance. Peter provided a lot of valuable information and answered all my questions to help me move forward in a powerful way. He is very personable and I enjoyed the format of the group. I took advantage of his 16 years in the business to get answers and get rid of any stumbling blocks in my writing business."


Maribel Jimemez

Fountain Valley, California




"Mentoring with Peter is like learning from a good friend with whom you can relax and let down your guard, and who at the same time is an accomplished professional. He answers all of your questions with patience, empathy, humor, and total honesty. He delivers sound advice, without reservation, based on knowledge gained from years of writing experience. And what happens between the questions and answers is even more exciting. He inspires new ideas and increased confidence. The sessions are grounding, the profession begins to look and feel 'real' and do-able. You simply can't help but face your resistance and get back on track with renewed energy and optimism! Peter, you've gone beyond all expectations. What a great example you are." 


Kathleen Kliese

Huntington Beach, California


"I was new to commercial copywriting and knew no one in the field. Peter's group coaching program gave me the confidence that I could do this. It's one thing to read about it in a book, but another to be able to ask questions and get direction from somebody in the business. Peter also helped me see that some of the challenges I was facing (like building a portfolio) were normal and would take time. I highly recommend the coaching. It is worth every penny. Since the coaching in January, I have landed several pro bono jobs, which have kept me busy. My portfolio is growing!"

Claire Talbott

Raleigh, North Carolina

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"I was so pleased to be part of your coaching group with you as our leader, striking fear out of our hearts! Wanting to use everything I learned as soon as possible, I took lots of notes even though I knew we would get a recording of each session. You shared lots of practical, thoughtful advice and tips, put all of us at ease with your easygoing humor, and encouraged each of us to persevere. What a fun, energizing experience. Thank you, Peter!

Michelle DeLima

Stonington, Connecticut



"When I came across Peter Bowerman's Well-Fed Writer books a few years back, I just knew that they could get me where I wanted to go, writing-wise. The group coaching opportunity was wonderful! I learned that there are more people out there 'living the dream' of writing and doing it successfully. I got a lot of good ideas on how to build my own commercial writing business such as where I should go to drum up clientele as a new writer. There were other good tips, and to be able to review the recordings of the weekly sessions to glean more information is also a great resource. I feel that I have enough to get started and moving towards my goal. Thanks Peter and I'm looking forward to emailing you soon with great news!"

Anita Nurse

Austin, Texas


"Peter Bowerman never disappoints and his group coaching program was no exception. He went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied and addressed all of our questions and concerns about running a successful copywriting business. As the month of our coaching drew to an end, a few of us participants expressed the desire to continue to collaborate. One of the participants formed a small Yahoo group for those interested and about 8 people signed up. We are very active on the forum and share interesting links, courses, book recommendations, questions, and best of all, we critique each other's client work. We bonded over the WFGC and have formed a sort of 'beginning copywriter's mastermind group.' It has been invaluable to me so far in the months of starting my new copywriting business."


Jenny Munn

Atlanta, Georgia



"Peter Bowerman's group coaching program is perfect for anyone interested in earning a full-time income freelance writing. I got experienced answers to everything I wanted to know about how to build a portfolio, find prospects, work with clients, and get paid. The information boosted my confidence by dispelling some of the myths that underlie fear of cold calling and prospecting. I came away armed with knowledge of what to expect and how to respond, pleasantly surprised that it's not as hard as it seems. Talking with Peter's other coaching students also built my confidence, provided me with peer feedback, and bolstered me with an invaluable support network. Very few writers get this kind of opportunity to have a seasoned professional help jump-start their careers, so seize it while you can!" 


Roy Rasmussen, Co-Author, Publishing for Publicity

Green Bay, Wisconsin




"The group coaching experience was just what I needed! It emphasized key parts of The Well-Fed Writer and most importantly, helped me focus on what's crucial to my business NOW and what I can worry about later. One of those 'do-now' things is a web site. And you were right, Peter: it's motivating me. I just reserved the domain last week, but it lit a fire under me to set up the site and get some samples. Thanks again; the series was absolutely worth the investment."


Adam Bragg

Newark, Delaware



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"I'm so glad I did the group coaching. It was very valuable and reassuring to get real-world insights to specific questions. I'd recommend this program to anyone new to freelancing and looking for ways to get better-paying clients." 

Betty Tew

Apex, North Carolina



"Peter's group coaching promised to help 'get your head screwed on straight about what's important and what's not... Mainly because you'll be focusing your energies in the directions worthy of your attentions.' I personally can assure you that Peter did that and more for me. His group coaching came at a particularly apt time for my fledgling freelance writing business. I had the desire and the determination but was spending too much time and attention on the wrong things. In his unique way, Peter helped me understand how to grow the business, but also when to say 'no.' He even helped me laugh at myself, which in this business is a real gift. I can't thank Peter enough, and will never forget how valuable and timely I found his sessions to be."


Sandi Gehring

Orlando, Florida



"What a bargain! Not only did I get incredible practical advice from Peter about getting my business going, but I also gained an instant network of other writers. I even got a hefty boost of confidence thanks to the tips, ideas, and resources mentioned on the calls. If you've got questions about starting your commercial freelance writing business, Peter has answers: from naming your website to building and presenting your portfolio. And it all took place over my lunch hour! All calls were available for download future reference, so I'll keep on benefiting long after the series has ended. This affordable coaching series is a must to jump start your freelance career or breathe life into your existing business."


Andrea Price

Oskaloosa, Iowa



"As a long-time fan of The Well-Fed Writer, I was thrilled to participate in Peter’s group coaching program. The four weeks flew by, and I learned volumes. Each session is jam-packed with useful information and inspiration. Whether you’re just starting out in freelance commercial writing or looking to take your business to the next level, group coaching is definitely well worth the investment. Not only do you reap the benefits of Peter’s experience, as a bonus, you get the camaraderie and insights of the other group members. The entire experience truly is priceless. If you’re looking for a platform to help you gain confidence while learning more about the FLCW lifestyle and building a successful business, then Well-Fed Group Coaching is for you.

Peter, words can't express how awesome it was to spend four weeks with you, more or less 'virtually picking your brain' in a group setting. I really enjoyed our time together, and I learned a lot. The experience truly is worth far more than what you're charging for it. Thank you again for your wisdom, insight and encouragement."

Robyn Kurdek

Westminster, California


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"A month with Peter allows you to focus on getting your writing business started and to understand what it takes to become successful. These intimate sessions give you the tools needed to carry your business to a higher level, and they provide a professional platform to tap into Peter's experience." 

Anissa Coleman,

Macon, Georgia



"The Well-Fed group coaching program was great. Practically every detail about running a successful freelance commercial writing business is in Peter's classic book, The Well-Fed Writer, but if it isn't, you'll get your questions answered during the series. We all submitted five questions in advance (and got to ask as many more as we wanted during the series) and have Peter answer them all during the program. We also got a written summary of all the submitted questions and answers at the end of the program. It was especially helpful to have the recording of all the calls to refer back to.

"During the group coaching, Peter referred to chapters and page numbers in TWFW when talking about a topic, which was very handy and enabled me to easily go back and reread the appropriate sections again. I loved to hear the actual voices of other newbies (and some not so newbies) in the world of freelance commercial writing. It was great to hear Peter answer every question with the voice of experience and an attitude of "I did it. You can do it too."

"I used to have a lot of fear around sales and marketing (even reading those two words), but now I've warmed up to them with the help of the book and the group coaching. The group coaching was a great addition to reading the book. Thanks again Peter!"

Kathy Erwin

Vancouver, Washington



"The Well-Fed Writer was in my Amazon cart for more than a year. Once I read it, I was not able to get enough information on what Peter had to offer. I use the book like my own personal OED, and the coaching series is a kind of second edition. I got questions answered that I don't think I'd find in a book. For me that was the most valuable thing, being able to ask exactly what I needed to know and then getting a response from someone I knew had been successful in this field for a number of years." 

Simhanandi Evan Stubblefield

Los Angeles, California


"Peter's Well-Fed Group Coaching gave me the confidence I needed to start making cold calls so I could grow my business. I never thought I'd say this but I'm now having a blast cold calling! The best result is that the coaching ended just over a week ago and I already have my first client from those calls."

Shannon L. Brown

Nashville, Tennessee



"I’ve used Peter’s book to set up my company, and his seminars to avoid a lot of woe and wrong turnings. I’ve come away clear about my value and my market, where to find customers, how to pitch my rates, and how to make the best of my journalism background. This is hardcore, practical stuff, and Peter is an experienced, generous tutor. Do yourself a favour and plunder his brains!"


Jules Horne, Texthouse

Jedburg, United Kingdom



"I already knew that Peter was the real deal based on his blog and his book. After attending the Well Fed Group Coaching last month I came away convinced that attending this program was a smart move on my part.

"Because, get this: before I read his book and joined in on the coaching sessions, I was virtually adrift at sea. I didn't have a portfolio on my site. I didn't know exactly what questions to ask a new client when I took on a writing assignment. I was facing a Catch-22 situation: I wanted to write case studies but was having trouble approaching people about it because they wanted to see any samples before giving me any work, and I had no samples because no one gave me any case study work.

"After I was through with Well Fed Coaching, everything was sorted out. I got some cool marketing ideas just from listening to my fellow attendees talking about their strategies. And the whole thing was as fun as a group of folks meeting together over coffee.

If you want to take your freelancing career to the next level, listen to what Peter says. The man knows his stuff."


Bhaskar Sarma - Pixels and Clicks
Guwahati, India


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"Great group coaching sessions! Peter’s friendly, open approach encouraged meaningful participation from the group, while keeping us on point and on schedule. We accumulated immediately useful information in each call. My money and time were very well spent!  

"Based on my previous work as a start-up consultant and business plan writer, I know the advantages of practical advice from a thoughtful mentor in any field that is new to someone launching a business. That is why I read the latest edition of The Well-Fed Writer prior to launching my commercial writing practice. Peter’s accessible Well-Fed writing style carried over into the coaching sessions. He took the advice from the book a step further by addressing our burning questions with candor and good humor.   

"Each call contained rich content for both the newbie and experienced WFW. As a result, I will be joining a future group to feed my growing business. Thanks for delivering, Peter!"

Trudy Springer Reeves
Cumming, Georgia



"My copies of the Well-Fed Writer books are torn and tattered from so much use, so I couldn't resist the opportunity to sign up for a group coaching session with Peter.  Reading a copywriting FAQ on the web is one thing, but having a bonafide freelancing pro answer your questions personally is another thing entirely!  And it was just what I needed. Peter provided some great new insights, confirmed notions I had all along, and generously shared his own experiences. For me, this session was a great refresher course on the basics of successful freelancing - things that freelancing veterans can sometimes lose sight of.  Thanks, Peter!"

Susan Landry
Providence, Rhode Island



"I thought what I needed was to be pointed in the right direction; Peter's group coaching program did that and more. But more importantly, it made me understand that what I really needed was perspective on a realistic approach to forging a freelance career. I went from trying to figure out how to quit my day job and make a zillion dollars in a month, to realizing that my day job was the perfect means to finance a sensible entry into the FLCW world. And there are a thousand little things I learned along the way during our talks, which are conveniently stored online whenever I need to reference them. Well worth the price to learn what to do, and more importantly, what NOT to do."

Evan Redmon
Silver Spring, Maryland



"Peter has this unique ability to conduct a class in cyberspace among a dozen 'invisible' strangers and make each one feel like he’s teaching them one-on-one, face-to-face, in a coffee shop or other comfortable setting. The guy’s a great writer (pick up a book; he’s hilarious). He’s a great teacher (he’ll lead you to the answers and let you reveal them for yourself). And a good guy (you’ll learn as much about people and the world as you will about writing). Very soon, you’ll feel like you known him forever.

"He's overwhelmingly generous with his resources, always ready and willing to share his lessons, experience and contacts. He truly wants the best for his students and seeks to support writers and the industry itself. But the trait I admire most is his gift of interlacing decades of experience and wisdom with all the spunk and spirit of a “newbie.” Students reap the rewards of being spared certain mistakes while being inspired enough to make our own."  


Kris Cook
Augusta, Georgia


"I’ve worked with other coaches who, for a price comparable to Peter’s group coaching program, will offer up what is essentially an elaborate bait piece. They’ll give you just enough info to position themselves as experts, then try to lure you into paying a lot more money to learn their 'secrets.'

"Peter is nothing like that. He genuinely cares about helping people succeed as freelance copywriters and experience the lifestyle this line of work affords them. In our group coaching program, Peter was more than generous with his knowledge and insights as he answered our questions. He encouraged input from the rest of the group, which allowed us to get a wide spectrum of perspectives from newbies to veterans, cubicle dwellers to stay-at-home moms. And for more specialized guidance, he pointed us in the direction of experts in specific areas (e.g. writing web copy or transitioning from your 'day job' to self-employment). Peter is a true professional, mentor, and all around good guy.

"Now that our coaching sessions are over, I feel revitalized. I have a much better sense of direction and a much lighter mental load. Peter helped keep me from getting hung up on aspects of my business that are trivial at this stage. He also showed me other areas that required more attention and made them seem far less daunting than I had made them out to be. Now I’m confident that I’m spending my time on the right things. And in the meantime, I feel less anxious about leaving my office job knowing that when the time is right, I’ll be ready to make the leap to a rewarding freelance writing career."


Brad Jorgensen

Lakewood, California




"No one knows more about making a good living from your freelance writing than Peter Bowerman, writing impresario and author of 'The Well-Fed Writer.' He’s an outspoken advocate of the commercial freelance writer and is single-handedly helping aspiring freelancers make the kind of money they deserve. His group telecoaching service gives you inexpensive access to his many years of commercial freelancing experience and could just be the shot in the arm you and your copywriting business need."


Steve Leibson

San Francisco (Bay Area), California




"Success truly is yours, Peter. You are a wealth of information, willing to share and seem to have embodied what I know: that there is more than enough out here for everyone. My intention is to make my writer dream life my prosperous reality, and I know it will happen because of people like you. You have been a great help."


Claudette Kemp

Columbia, Maryland



"Peter is clearly a leader in the field of Freelance Commercial Writing and his willingness to share his practical experience to those of us starting out is invaluable. The Coaching series builds on the foundation that Peter has established with his books including crucial practical examples of how to build a portfolio, how to overcome the fear of cold calling and just how to build a writing business in general. More importantly he also instills the confidence that this really is a business that someone willing to work at can pursue. The coaching sessions can provide that one final push to help you get out and finally do it."

Tom Condardo

Lynnfield, Massachusetts



"I signed up for Peter’s group coaching series because I needed practical, real-world answers about what’s important when starting a writing business. And that’s just what I got. The interactive format based on participants’ questions is most effective, and Peter’s clear, no-nonsense answers and insights are not only extremely valuable, they’re very encouraging. I highly recommend this for anyone starting out as a freelance commercial writer. Peter, this was worth every nickel. Keep doing what you're doing."


Mike Vaughn

Dallas, Texas


"Peter, thanks for your generous sharing in 'The Well-Fed Writer' January 2010 group coaching series. You boosted my morale, and made me vow to get busy! I'm proud to say I consider you my mentor and teacher. You are an engaging writer who pulls the reader right into the page along with you because you write like you speak (and I've read all four of your books, so I know!). 


"Your commercial writing seminars provide the same comfortable environment as your books. You impart important business ideas with a jovial humor and witticism. Your quick wit makes reading your books or enjoying your seminars lots of fun. And the new edition of TWFW is packed so chockfull of excellent ideas for writers or entrepreneurs starting any type of business, that I've highlighted copy on almost every page. Thanks again for your generosity of spirit."


Diana Brown

Atlanta, Georgia

"As a new freelance commercial writer, Peter's coaching sessions help to demystify the process and increase one's self-confidence. They were very informative and with good conversations and ideas. He really helped me believe I can do this. Also I very much appreciated the extra time he took, often going over the 90 minutes. Nothing ever felt rushed and that was appreciated. He genuinely cares about helping others and it comes across in his manner and style. I would urge anyone serious about this profession to consider working with Peter."

Marcia Szymanski

Mansfield, Massachusetts

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