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Important Announcement:

The Well-Fed Group Coaching Program has been replaced by my new
self-paced course, Well-Fed Craft (WFC). If you're interested in a
video-based, self-study course on how to actually write
the most common, high-paying, commercial-writing projects
(and for a budget-friendly price), please go here.

I may add a live, interactive component to WFC at some point, so stay tuned!


The Well-Fed Group Coaching Program

(14 programs completed since late 2009!)



Now Redesigned and Improved!


·      New direction

·      New focus

·      Shorter time (twice a week for two weeks!)

·      More value

·      Same GREATER personal attention (Enrollment limited to 12 vs. 15 before!)


The first 10 series of Well-Fed Group Coaching was based on in-depth Q&A, which, happily, led in all sorts of productive directions. However, over time, I came to see that format as limited. In series #11, I added one session on studying and discussing actual commercial writing samples in depth. And in series #12 (completed in late September 2015), I expanded the approach, and continued it with series #13 in January.


This is the new direction I’m taking with group coaching.

(Read testimonials from "new-format" participants) 

My basic philosophy is this: While marketing is never easy, you can learn how to market from any number of sources (including The Well-Fed Writer). But, having done this since 1994, I know, firsthand, that...

Enduring success comes from strong writing ability, NOT strong marketing.

You can be the best marketer on the planet, but if your skills aren’t strong, you’ll struggle (and the only thing all that marketing you're doing will ensure, is that the world knows your skills need work). So, with all that in mind…


Does this sound like you?


·      You’re getting ready to launch your new copywriting business using the commercial writing blueprint laid out in The Well-Fed Writer*. Or…


·      You've launched your business within the last few years, but you’re just not where you want to be. OR…


·      You’ve been writing for a while, but are looking to develop more marketing-oriented writing skills in order to expand your copywriting range (and income…).


(*A prerequisite to participation is having read the two original "Well-Fed Writer" titles OR the new updated edition. This ensures everyone has a good solid foundation in the commercial-writing business as laid out in TWFW. As such, the conversation will be on a higher level, and all will get the maximum benefit from the program.)


You understand the business, and what you need to do to market yourself, but there are still some missing pieces.

You know how to land the work, but you’re not completely comfortable DOING the work.

You know how to write, but you’re having trouble making the transition to marketing-oriented copywriting.

What if you could…


1) Study a bunch of commercial writing samples with a small group of others (10 max, vs. 15 before!) in the same boat – all done from the comfort of your home (by phone/online)?


2) Learn the basic “architecture” of various marketing pieces, and understand why they’re written as they are?


3) Learn the fundamentals of “building a case” for a product or service, by dissecting real-world commercial writing projects, bought by real-world clients, for serious money?


4) Discuss with a 22-year veteran commercial writer (moi)—in real time—why I chose to take a certain approach with specific projects—approaches that earned the praise, high fees, and ongoing repeat business of my clients? 


5) Learn the “how-to” of writing projects besides direct-response copywriting (which, by some estimates, accounts for only 3% of all commercial writing), and instead focus on the other 97%—projects that pay just as well, and for which there’s an ongoing need, but with a far greater volume?


6) Learn what it takes to get hired again and again by high-paying clients, even if you suspect that your skills are only modest?


7) Get some of that great Q&A (one full session), as you get answers on anything commercial-writing related?

If that sounds good, Well-Fed Group Coaching might be for you... It was for these "new-format" participants!

And while you're at it, here's feedback from participants in my earlier programs (yes, it was a different format, but in the new format, I offer the same detail orientation, personal attention and generous spirit reflected in these older comments...)


Here's what you get...


  • Four (4) 90-minute teleconference sessions, with me (PB) as host/moderator (read my one-on-one coaching testimonials). First session is 2 hours (to accommodate introductions/"housekeeping" details) 
  • NEW: Two sessions weekly for two weeks (vs. prior schedule of once a week for 4 weeks). Easier to schedule, you finish faster, and the process delivers better creative momentum. 


  • NEW: Focus has shifted from all-Q&A format to improving writing skills by studying/discussing roughly 35 actual commercial writing samples (AND one session of Q&A). You can download samples or access them online
  • NEW: You'll receive a sample assignment to do (optional), which you—and other attendees—will submit anonymously, for discussion and feedback in the next session.
  • NEW: 20-minute ONE-ON-ONE coaching session with me (a $50 value!). Use it whenever - time never expires!
  • Either download all samples for later review, or enjoy continued, ongoing access to them on the Box.com site.  
  • Enrollment strictly limited to 15 10 attendees! 


  • Call in from the comfort of your own home/office, and log in to view samples online.


  • All calls recorded for post-call download as mp3 files (perfect for later review OR if you know you'll miss a session; we'll be using www.TalkShoe.com)


  • The opportunity to discuss, with me and other writers in the same boat, issues common to starting a commercial freelancing business 
  • COST: $397 for 4 sessions, assignment critique, downloads of/ongoing access to samples and session recordings, and 20-minute "one-on-one" session with Peter Bowerman.


Schedule: 2 Consecutive Tuesdays/Fridays spanning 10 days total.

SESSION ONE (Tues): Sample Review (120 minutes): After a brief intro of all participants, we’ll start the two-session process of reviewing/discussing roughly 30 actual commercial-writing samples, including how the project unfolded, along with the thinking behind its format and the actual copy chosen. We'll explore brochures, web content, direct mail, sales letters, landing pages, case studies, white papers, and more.


From tons of firsthand experience coaching writers one-on-one since 2002, this is “The Great Demystifier”—that missing piece—for many writers, and they LOVE what they learn in the process.


SESSION TWO (Fri): Sample Review and Assignment (90 minutes): Part two of the sample review/discussion process. At the end of this session, we’ll discuss an actual “Before” sample of web copy I was given by a client to rework (the result so impressed the client, they boosted the budget 2.5 times over, for the rest of the work).


Your assignment (optional) is to rework it to make it more effective and compelling, from a marketing standpoint, and send back to me (anonymously, if desired) in advance of the next session.


SESSION THREE (Tues): Assignment Review (90 minutes): We’ll review and discuss the sample projects completed and submitted by class attendees. After reviewing all submissions, I’ll show you my version. NOT that it’s the best/right/only way to do it, but it is an example of work a client loved, and wanted more of!


SESSION FOUR (Fri): Q&A (90 minutes): Having learned how valuable open Q&A can be, I definitely wanted to include some of it, even if the basic focus of the series had changed. Here’s your chance to ask ANY commercial-writing-related questions you have, over a full 90 minutes.


(Read participant testimonials for the new format AND the old format)




"I'm Sold! What's Next?"

1) To ensure everyone's on the same page and gets maximum benefit from the series, you need to have read either the two original Well-Fed Writer titles or the new updated edition.

2) IMPORTANT: Email me HERE to confirm space availability.

3) Once space availability is confirmed, go ahead and make your $397 payment by credit card or PayPal using the purchase link below (if you want to use PayPal, you'll be prompted at the purchase screen to use the PayPal option).

4) Once you've made your purchase, send me an email letting me know the email address you'd like to use during the program, along with your city and state (or city/country if outside U.S.).


5) Approximately one week before the first session, I'll send out "housekeeping" details and full call-in/log-in instructions. 



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