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The Well-Fed Group Coaching Program

(11 program series completed since late 2009!) 

You've launched (or are getting ready to launch) your new copywriting business using the commercial writing blueprint laid out in The Well-Fed Writer*. You're excited, nervous, maybe even terrified about what's to come. You're trying to get all your writing ducks in a row, but sometimes it feels like you're all alone - one writer against the world.

If only you could go someplace to get your commercial freelancing questions answered (no matter how silly you may think they are!), hang out with other writers in the same boat, and build a little community of like-minded freelancers for mutual support and sharing as you forge ahead. If that sounds like you, group coaching might just be a fit...

(*A prerequisite to participation is having read the two original "Well-Fed Writer" titles OR the new updated edition. This ensures everyone has a good solid foundation in the commercial-writing business as laid out in TWFW. As such, the conversation will be on a higher level, and all will get the maximum benefit from the program.


Ask Yourself These Questions:  


  • New (or relatively new) to commercial writing and seeking some answers, direction and confidence-building (delivered via plenty of firsthand stories/anecdotes)?
  • Want to make sure you launch your lucrative copywriting business the smartest way possible?
  • Want to study real-world commercial writing samples and and discuss the process, format and rationale behind them? 
  • Like the idea of sharing ideas, concerns and strategies with a small group (12) of other writers in a similar start-up position? 


Answered yes to some or all of the above? Well-Fed Group Coaching might be for you... 
(it was for these participants!)


Here's the Scoop (And note the NEW enhancements below):


  • NEW: Five (5) 90-minute (formerly four sessions) teleconference sessions for five consecutive weeks with me (PB) as host/moderator (read my one-on-one coaching testimonials). First session is 2 hours (to accommodate introductions/"housekeeping" details) 


  • NEW: Full session devoted to studying/discussing visuals of 8-10 actual commercial writing samples

  • Enrollment strictly limited to 12 attendees (minimum of 10 to proceed)


  • Call in from the comfort of your own home/office


  • All calls recorded for post-call download (perfect for later review OR if you know you'll miss a session; we'll be using www.TalkShoe.com)


  • Full Q&A summary of attendees' four questions with answers (details on questions below) provided to attendees after final session

  • NEW: 20-minute one-on-one session with Peter to use whenever you choose (time never expires!)—a $50 value!

  • The opportunity to discuss, with me and other writers in the same boat, issues common to starting a commercial freelancing business 


  • COST: $349 for five sessions/recordings/Q&A summary/one-on-one session


"What's the Format?"

Since this is YOUR time, I want you to get your questions answered and your "bugaboos" on the table. As such, a good chunk of the program will center around addressing and discussing commercial writing-related topics/questions you provide to me in advance (you'll be sending me four (4), which will appear on the final Q&A summary, but rest assured, you'll be able to ask as many more as you want during the series).

This will be a highly interactive program (i.e., NOT me lecturing for 90 minutes), with participation and involvement (to the best of your ability) STRONGLY encouraged and recommended to maximize your benefit derived.

PROGRAM STRUCTURE (subject to minor alterations)

·      SESSION ONE (two hours): Housekeeping details; participant intros (90 seconds each to tell us a bit about you); intro discussion of issues common to commercial freelancers: realistic view of the business; confidence-building; specialist vs. generalist; client expectations; creative partnerships, and more.

·      SESSIONS TWO (90 minutes): Finish any remaining "core-issue" discussion from Session One. Start addressing/discussing participant questions. While it may be hard to picture, these discussions (if series 1-10 were any indication), yield reliably juicy material, lively discussion, stories and commentary, as past participants will attest.

·      SESSIONS THREE - FOUR (90 minutes each): Address and discuss participant questions.

·      SESSION FIVE (90 minutes): We'll view and discuss 8-10 actual commercial-writing samples: how the project unfolded, along with the thinking behind its format and actual copy. From tons of firsthand experience coaching writers one-on-one since 2002, this is "The Great Demystifier" for many "early-on" writers, and they LOVE what they learn in the process.


(Read participant testimonials here)



Want to be added to a waiting list and notified when I announce the next program, email me here.   


"I'm Sold! What's Next?"

1) IMPORTANT: Email me HERE to confirm space availability.

2) Once space availability is confirmed, go ahead and make your $349 payment by credit card or PayPal using the purchase link below (if you want to use PayPal, you'll be prompted at the purchase screen to use the PayPal option).

3) Once you've made your purchase, send me an email letting me know the email address you'd like to use during the program, along with your city and state (or city/country if outside U.S.).

4) Send me the four (4) concerns/questions you want addressed (this needs to be done by two weeks before the first session, or ASAP beyond that point). NOTE: You'll be able to ask as many more as you want during the series, but these four will be the ones that will be formally answered in the series and included in the Q&A summary you'll receive at the end of the series.

QUESTION GUIDELINES: Please, no four-part questions or incredibly broad questions (like, "What do I have to do to get started?") or "best" questions (like, "What's the best way to land new clients?"). There's rarely a "best" way; there are typically any number of good ways. Also, to ensure we cover as much "new ground" as possible, ideally, try to ask questions whose answers are NOT already covered in the book.

5) Approximately one week before the first session, I'll send out "housekeeping" details and full call-in instructions. 


Well-Fed Group Coaching Tuition 





Questions? Concerns? Ask me here


(Participant Testimonials here)


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