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Download the ebook version of The Well-Fed Writer (2000 edition)


Back For Seconds (2005) and you’ll get much more!

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The Well-Fed Writer:
Financial Self-Sufficiency As a Freelance Writer in Six Months or Less

With The Well-Fed Writer ebook (in PDF format), in addition to the original classic (300 pages of solid how-to information on starting your own freelance commercial writing business!), you’ll get The (mini) Banquet, the first 6 issues of THE WELL-FED E-PUB, the critically acclaimed monthly ezine and companion publication to The Well-Fed Writer.

Click here to view the Teaser for the e-version of The Well-Fed Writer!

Click here to buy the original (2000) edition of The Well-Fed Writer ebook! ($9.95)

Back For Seconds

A Second Helping of How-To for Any Writer Dreaming of Great Bucks and
Exceptional Quality of Life

With TWFW: Back For Seconds ebook (in PDF format), you’ll get the original classic 300-page companion volume to The Well-Fed Writer PLUS The (mini) Banquet (part 2), the second seven (a baker’s half-dozen) issues of THE WELL-FED E-PUB.

Click here to view the Teaser for the e-version of TWFW: Back For Seconds!

Click here to buy the original (2005) edition of the Back For Seconds ebook! ($9.95)

Click here to buy BOTH ebooks and Save! ($15.95)


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