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Let’s Clarify What We Mean by “Copywriting”…


In addition to being called “freelance commercial writing,” our field is also known simply as “copywriting” (AND commercial copywriting, business copywriting, marketing copywriting, and others).

But, if you’re relatively new to the field, and you hear the term “copywriting,” you’ll likely think of direct response copywriting. You know, the “long-letter” variety: 10-15 hype-filled (“Wait, there’s more!”) pages promoting things like nutritional supplements, real estate investing or some political cause.

And chances are, you’ve come across the dozens of freelance copywriting “gurus” online selling their secrets to riches beyond your wild imaginings through “copywriting” if you’ll only buy THEIR program. And those programs, typically filled with over-inflated claims and hyperbolic promises, are all sold by – what else? – a ever-scrolling web site with a long-letter format! Sheesh. It’s enough to give “copywriting” a bad name. 
And, frankly, many copywriters – from newbie to seasoned veteran – just aren’t comfortable writing in that overly-promotional writing style. I’m not.

Well, THAT kind of copywriting isn’t THIS kind of copywriting…

We more experienced “commercial freelancers” know our field as one where respectable businesses pay top dollar to writers to help them sell to other businesses, to consumers, and to communicate with their own employees. No hype. No snake oil. No kidding. Rather, these are copywriting clients you’ll proudly mention to friends, family and other prospects.

What will you be writing? Things like marketing brochures, ad copy, newsletters, web content, case studies, white papers, sales sheets, speeches, video scripts, sales letters, flyers, trade articles. In short, any writing project a company might create in the course of doing business.

More good news? There’s plenty of copywriting work if you’re a good writer. In fact, it’s a FAR larger and more profitable copywriting arena than direct response copywriting. How much larger? Industry guru Bob Bly himself estimates direct response copywriting is only 3 percent of the entire realm of copywriting work. The rest of it? That’s our field.

Why so much writing opportunity? Because virtually every business out there is a prospect (and this book will help you find the better ones). In the world of commercial freelance writing, once established, the freelance work can be steady and the pay excellent — typically $50 to $125 an hour or more.

And remember this: you can make an exceptionally handsome living as commercial freelancer, and NEVER write a single long-letter project!

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