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The Well-Fed Writer Seminar CD Program Testimonials

"The Well-Fed Writer Seminar CD program is a great complement to the book. While the book is solid in and of itself, the CDs allow you to "be there" with Peter Bowerman and get insight into the commercial writing life in a way not possible with the book. You'll hear participants ask real-life questions - the kind you'd probably ask - and get real-life answers from the author himself.

"Most importantly, hearing Peter Bowerman "live," encouraging and counseling others, functions as sort of a private "coaching" session for the listener. Overall, it reinforces and extends the material in the book - doesn't just simply repeat it. It should be your next purchase after The Well-Fed Writer!"

Gary L. Maxwell
Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania

"The Well-Fed Writer Seminar CDs have been an enormous help as I launch my writing business. The information is, of course, solid and diverse, but hearing Peter make the points and answer questions gives it more clarity and depth through the points he emphasizes than just reading the book alone. Better, you can use the CDs as motivators. I play them in the car or the office when I need a mental boost. I highly recommend this program."

Lynn C. Van Dine
Marysville, MI

"The book and the CD are a must-have for budding commercial writers. The book lays it out. But Bowerman's CDs make it real. I read the book. I got the CDs. And then my wife and I got to work and got down to business. Van Dine/Weller is now open for business."

Tim Weller
Marysville, MI

“I took the CD set on a long automobile trip recently, and ended up listening to it twice. The CDs expand upon basic material from the original books.They offer new insights, up-to-date perspectives and even more helpful tips for freelance commercial writers of all experience levels.The printed seminar material accompanying the CDs also provides more useful information not included in the earlier book. Plus, the interaction between Peter and the participants make these CDs the next best thing to attending a seminar!”

Bobby L. Hickman
Atlanta, GA

“I have finished the CDs and I must tell you I really enjoyed every minute. There was information which was not in the book, but the main benefit was it really got me motivated.”

Diane Bondurant
St. Simons Island, Georgia

“I received word not long ago that the corporate axe would soon fall on me. My initial reaction was a common one: fear, uncertainty, anger...you name it, and I felt it. Then I remembered reading Peter's book not long ago and realized this may be the opportunity I needed - the proverbial fire under my seat. I saw from his web site that he also has a seminar version of the book, and am I ever glad I invested in that!

“A positive attitude is the foundation for making a business work, and listening to his seminar goes a long way in helping to maintain that attitude. If his book is theory, then the seminar on CD is application. The seminar augments the concepts presented in the book with Q&A and comments from writers out there in the field confirming that this is a viable business as Peter presents it. It was the encouragement I needed to know. I don't need to fear so long as I focus on the actions I can control on a daily basis. The seminar tells how. Thanks, Peter!”

David Camfield
Plymouth, Michigan

“An avid fan of Peter's from his Well-Fed Writer book, I decided to try his CD series and listen to it on a six hour drive from LA to Arizona. First delight was the impressive packaging: a three ring notebook loaded with a bound workbook and other valuable material and examples. The CDs themselves replicated sitting in an actual six-hour seminar, with the voices, questions and comments of fellow participants so filled with personality I came to know them as if they were sitting in the car along with me, as in a classroom situation. Lots of great tips and advice, but with real world examples. Definitely one of the best values on the Internet!”

Marisa D’Vari
Boston, MA

Get the Well-Fed Writer on CD. It’s well worth your money, just like having a conversation with Peter Bowerman, only better, since you can listen to his advice over and over again. I use it, I love it, I’m ready to be well-fed!

Lana Straub, Freelance Writer
Business Manager Ideocentrics.com
(A Creative Clearinghouse for Writers)

“Peter Bowerman’s CD seminar is a very useful tool for freelance commercial writers (FLCWs). It not only covers everything a brand new FLCW needs to know, it’s also helpful information for those of us who’ve been writing for a few years. I particularly enjoyed reading The Banquet ebook (free with the seminar, or a steal on its own at under 7 bucks) which is packed with great tips for generating more business.”

Pete Savage
Ontario, Canada

“In the two years since I first read The Well-Fed Writer, I’ve often tried to talk myself into actually starting (and sticking with) Peter’s program. But all selling boils down to a transfer of enthusiasm; after a few days of listening to the six CDs I finally found all the enthusiasm I need to make the program work. Even though this is a small market, now there are several nibbles a day from prospects I get from the Yellow Pages. So, replace your self-talk with the energizing and practical discussions that Peter has captured on these recordings, and get moving!”

Carey Giudici
Brunswick, GA


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