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“Becoming a Well-Fed Commercial Writer: The Inside Story!”

Attendee Testimonials

“ Just wanted to thank you both for last night’s teleseminar. I’m a former newspaper reporter, turned freelance journalist. I’ve had a copywriting gig here and there, but never pursued it as a career. But after reading Peter’s first book and listening to last night’s seminar, I’m convinced copywriting and commercial writing is the way to go. You’ve both inspired me. I aim to become my own success story! Thanks again.”

Leonard Felson
Hartford, CT

“ Great call last night! Your insights into marketing really added value for the participants: forming an alliance with a graphic designer, ideas for building a portfolio, the value of cranking out a regular newsletter, and how to set rates. Your frank and open advice takes the guess-work (and hesitation) out of getting going. Thanks!”

Tom Bruein
San Francisco, CA

“ The seminar was just what I needed to hear. I was dreaming all night of copywriting afterwards! I’ve read your books, but to hear you and Lorrie say it all out loud got it even further into my bones. Many thanks for all the wonderful information and tips.”

Judith Nasse

“ THANK YOU for your time giving the teleseminar last night. It was absolutely $37 well spent! For me and I’m sure for others, getting started in a new freelance career is both a daunting and risky venture! Your books have been informative and encouraging, and the teleseminar format took it all one step further. The fact that this was verbal gave the content a new dimension, further supporting the idea that starting a freelance commercial writing business is attainable and less daunting.”

Anne Vesce

(Note to Lorrie): “Another phenomenal class! As usual you gave way more than you promised. It’s easy to believe that there’s a great mystery behind the nuts and bolts of the business and that I’m the only one in the universe who’s not clued in! But you guys make it really transparent. It’s very validating to hear how you handle this stuff.
Every time I’m on a call with you, I walk away re-motivated and ready to hit the ground running again. Thanks a bunch!”

Maggie Dennison

“ A real-time conversation, and questions from both aspiring FLCW’s and some that are already doing it. Well worth the time and money.”

Al Paschall
Humboldt, TN

“ Peter Bowerman’s Teleseminar was both informative and inspiring. I like the ‘nuts and bolts’ approach to teaching.”

Greg King

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