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Cold Calls Without Fear Testimonials!

“Peter Bowerman’s ‘Cold Calls Without Fear’ had me riveted. Cold Calls are my achilles heel but, after listening to Peter’s CD I have a better understanding of how the Cold Calling game is played. It took the fear out of the process and gave me a feeling of confidence that I can actually get on the phone and make those calls!”

Greg King
Chicago, Illinois

“I really enjoyed this CD. As someone starting out, there were several things I found particularly useful: your explanation of how to make a list; how you walked through the calling process in great detail; your recommendations on how to deal with voicemail and follow-up calls (great!); the discussion about what to expect as far as a “hit rate”; and finally, I really liked your suggestion to focus on action, not results. I’m sure I’ll use a lot of your wonderful information.”

Sally Beatty
Wexford, PA

Cold calling is a source of real fear for me, but I liked the way you discussed it in relation to the field of freelance commercial writing. I found your distinction of telemarketers vs. “professionals selling a service to other professionals” (what we as commercial freelancers do) particularly helpful. By putting you in front of listeners, this CD makes you much more real to us than just reading the books. One of my biggest challenges is just believing it’s possible to make a living as a commercial writer. I really thank you for providing so much mentoring and encouragement.

Valentine Narvey
Toronto, Canada

“Cold calling ranks right up there with root canals and housework, as far as I’m concerned, but two bits of wisdom you impart on your CD “Cold Calls Without Fear” are a big help. The first is “You’ll probably never enjoy it.” Somehow, it felt comforting to hear that from you - sort of a validation of my aversion to the process along with a little nudge to keep doing it. The second is your recommendation to be very familiar with the script. That hit me between the eyes - “Dummy, that’s what you’ve been doing wrong!” So now that I know it’s okay not to enjoy it AND I know what I’ve done wrong in the past, I’m ready to try cold calling again. If nothing else, your CD has helped me find some courage. Thanks, Peter!”

Linda Dube
Fitchburg, MA

“I’ve always been squeamish about cold-calling, and still am to a degree, but this CD really helps me ‘snap out of it’ and pick up the phone. My mailing list has tripled in the last couple of months as a result, and I keep the CD handy for whenever I need a shot of motivation to keep calling.”

Julie Ann Waid
Coral Springs, FL

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