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“Cold Calls Without Fear!”

60-minute CD Recording of COLD-CALLING Teleconference,

Several years back, I joined marketing/copywriting guru Marcia Yudkin for a lively information-packed hour on a subject we ALL love: Cold Calling! Missed it? Pick up the CD of “Cold Calls Without Fear!” here for just $29 (Ships FREE to U.S. and Canada). I answered a bunch of questions and even coached a few folks through their cold call script AND marketing challenges. If the idea of cold calling terrifies you, I promise you’ll feel a lot better about it after you listen to this!

Here are some of the questions we covered:

1. Peter, tell us how you got the nerve to ask people to hire you to do something for which you had no paid experience, no contacts and no credentials. Many people wouldn't even dare to try this.

2. How did you figure out which companies to call and who to call within that company?

3. How did you deal with what sales coaches call the gatekeepers?

4. If you didn't get someone, did you leave a voice mail? If so, how often did someone for whom you left a voice mail call back?

5. Was anyone rude to you?

6. What was the goal in your mind while making the calls?

7. How many calls a day, a week did you make? How many "yesses" would that represent?

8. Any advice for people who are afraid of making cold calls?

9. Do you still make cold calls now? Is it different in any way?

10. How do you handle follow-up calls?

11. What do you say to the common fear people have that you'll be perceived as a pest when you call people to ask for work?

12. Any advice on figuring out who actually is the decision maker?

And much, much more!

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