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The Well-Fed Affiliate Program

Program Instructions

(NOTE: If you’ve been involved in affiliate programs before, you’ll likely find the following instructions detailed to the point of near-absurdity. Fine. Just skip over what’s already familiar. I’d rather be extra careful to spell it all out to those for whom such programs are a new animal and, in the process, reduce overall confusion.)  

1) Sign up at: http://www.wellfedwriter.com/cmd.php?cmd=signup

You'll need to have a PayPal account to sign up for the program, as that’s the only way I pay affiliates, so if you don’t, sign up for one at www.paypal.com. Commissions need to accrue to $50 total before payouts are made.

2) After signing up, you'll then receive an email with your new username and password, along with a unique URL you can use to log in (using that new username and password) and check your stats at any time. The URL will have a "1shoppingcart.com" prefix and while it only mentions using it to check stats, it's also your login link (incidentally, you can also log in using http://www.wellfedwriter.com/cmd.php?cmd=login or http://www.wellfedsp.com/cmd.php?cmd=login).

3) Go ahead and click your new log-in link and log in.

4) At the next screen, click “Affiliate Programs” in the upper left corner. At the next screen, you will see ONE affiliate program called The Well-Fed Writer. This program is for BOTH The Well-Fed Writer and The Well-Fed Self-Publisher.

5) At the top of the program, you’ll see this headings:

Well-Fed Writer
URL: http://www.wellfedwriter.com

6) Right below the heading will be another box, under which you’ll see, “Click here for your affiliate links, Banners and other Available Media Types.”

7) If you click it, you'll be taken to another page, where you’ll see your unique affiliate link (in the thin white box) for that first affiliate program.

If you paste that line into your promotional materials, anytime anyone clicks it, they'll be taken to the home page of The Well-Fed Writer, and if they end up purchasing anything on that site (OR if they click The Well-Fed Self-Publisher link on TWFW site and buy something there), you’ll earn a nice commission!

8) Now, what if you want to have them land on The Well-Fed Self-Publisher order page, NOT The Well-Fed Writer? Look below that first link and you'll find four text links (two for each site - one going to the home page and the other going to the book ordering page) which you can use instead of that first unique affiliate ID.

9) What if you want to use a little piece of artwork instead of a text link? On that same page, a bit further down, you’ll also a bunch of book cover banner artwork (7 pieces in all - 3 for TWFSP and 4 for TWFW), along with a description of exactly where that banner links to on the site. By using the banner, you can send your readers right to that particular book page, and the banner is also tagged to you. Then, you or your web person simply needs to follow the instructions under that for placing that line of code into your system to pull that image onto your site. 

Due to the constraints of the affiliate program system, I have just ONE program for both sets of products and both sites. But, the good news is this: whatever link or banner you use, if anyone purchases anything off EITHER site, whether directly going to the site first, OR clicking though to the second site FROM the first, you'll get credit!


That’s it! Good luck with it, and thanks again for your support!


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