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“Starving Writer No More!”
An Evening with Peter Bowerman, Author of: The Well-Fed Writer

I. Commercial Writing: Introduction

• Redefining “Freelance Writing” (My Story)

• Why this Business Makes Sense: A Microcosm

• Six Weeks in the Life of a Commercial Freelancer

• What Will You Be Writing?

• Why Self-Employment Makes Sense in Today’s Economy

• Leverage Your Background (What You Know)

II. Why Be a Freelance Commercial Writer (FLCW)?

• Eternal Demand & Scarcity of Good Writers

• B2B, B2C, Internal

• You’re Paid for ALL Your Time Vs. Other Freelancing (i.e., magazines)

• Minimal Investment/Negligible Overhead

• Healthy Income & Great Lifestyle Benefits

III. What Does it Take to Be Successful?

• Writing Ability (But Not As Much As You Think…)

• Ability to Market Oneself

• Ability to Make the Client’s Satisfaction Your #1 Job

IV. Getting Ready For Self-Employment

• Step One: New Attitude About Money

Like to make $75/hour? Uncomfortable asking for that much?

• Strategies for Creating a Portfolio From Scratch

• Pro Bono
• Team Concept - (Hit Arts Schools)
• Start-Ups

V. Where’s The Business?


• Corporate America - Hit “MarCom”/Corp. Comm./Marketing/Sales/HR

• OTHER Less-Contacted Departments

• HUGE Small-Medium Sized Business Market – Largely Untapped

• Not-For Profits

• Universities


• Hired by EUs, who in turn hire freelancers; like to stay lean, responsive

• Hit Creative Directors, Asst. CDs, Account Execs, Project Managers

Graphic Design Firms - Smaller/Little In-House Staff

• Don’t Ignore the “Lone Rangers” or Staff Designers

Marketing Companies

Ad Agencies

• From huge to tiny

PR Firms

VI. Technically Speaking

• Computer, Printer, Word, Fax or Fax Software (or eFax), Internet Access

• Web Site – Not Mandatory, BUT will make marketing infinitely easier

VII. Marketing Your Business

Phone Prospecting

• Live “The Law of Averages” (Reality: 75-80% won’t be interested)

• Compiling Your List

• The Yellow Pages, Book of Lists, Chambers
• www.switchboard.com, www.theultimates.com/yellow/

• Face-to-Face = More Business - “1 in 10/1 in 3” Rule
• The Calling Script: A Tool for Focus (in book)
• Psychology of Cold-Calling - Why it can seem so scary…

• Control the Controllables - Action or Results?

Direct Mail, Email and Websites

• Direct Mail Campaigns

• Targeted Campaigns For $60 (including postage)!

• Postcard Houses – Roughly $200 for 1000 cards (+ postage)

• www.modernpostcard.com, www.tu-vets.com

• E-Mail Marketing - Dos & Don’ts

• Get Permission

• Target/Personalize/Simplify

• Do an Opt-In Customer Newsletter

• www.intergritywriting.com, www.minerva-inc.com

• Keep It Brief AND Worthy of Their Attention

• Cross-Market

• Websites

• Simplifies Your Life & Grows Your Business Faster

• Keep It Simple, Few Fancy Graphics, Easy to Get In & Out

• www.writeinc.biz

VIII. Developing a Marketing Mindset

• Sales & Marketing Fundamentals

Audience: What’s the First Question – Always?

The Features/Benefits Equation

Features are all about a product/service and the company selling it. Benefits are about the customer, what’s important to them and how that product/service addresses those issues. Always begin with benefits, follow with features.

• Telecommunications Industry – Marketing Re-direction

• Beautiful Billboards

• Cell phones, DSL, etc. – What do you really care about?

• Clients want to talk features, steer toward benefits

• Resumes

• ¾” Drill Bits…

• USP – Unique Selling Proposition

IX. How Much Do I Charge?

• Hourly vs. Project Pricing: Pros and Cons
• Once It’s Flat, Live With It - No Whiners (Be a Pro)

• Hourly Rates (Min. $50 to $125+)

X. It’s NOT the Economy, Stupid!

• Few “Creatives” Will Consistently Do Calling, DM & EMM
• Do It and You’ll Make $ in ANY Economy
• If You Think It’s a Good Time…(my story)

XI. Q&A - Open Discussion

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