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Listen to what past seminar participants are saying about the The Well-Fed Writer Seminar!


"Thank you for a great seminar. I really appreciated your candor and enthusiasm. I am so fired up to begin launching my business. The book made freelance copywriting seem possible, but the seminar really solidified the fact that if I work hard to build a solid foundation right now, the sky is the limit. I'm so excited about the prospects of actually making this a reality. Thank you for taking the time to show budding commercial freelancers the ropes."

Stephen Hadley
Galveston, TX

"To be in Peter Bowerman's seminar is to be in the presence of a True Teacher - someone born to do the work that he does. That much had been obvious to me when I started using his book two year ago. In person, the impression was even more profound. Not only does Peter offer a wealth of information and insight, but also through example, anecdote and humor, he ultimately forces us to recognize his overarching message - that his level of success really is achievable, for any of us."

Mitch Coleman
Cincinnati, Ohio

"Thanks for a really good seminar. I appreciated the solid content and low-key delivery, as opposed to the usual hucksterism that stops just within spitting distance of a scene from The Rainmaker. Sincerity was the most important thing you sold - I feel like you genuinely want to help people - and I honestly needed a dose of integrity. Very welcome change of pace, and highly likely to hasten my exodus from corporate America. Bottom line, I feel like a have a do-able Option B. So, thanks for the package deal. It was a bargain at twice the price."

Bridgette Hackman
Cincinnati, OH


"When you have a chance to hear Peter Bowerman do a presentation, go. When you have a chance to buy any of his "Well-Fed Writer" books and products, do it. If you need a writing coach, call him. Or better yet, do all of this. Peter is a lot of fun, but also he knows his stuff and he shares this knowledge in a practical and inspiring way. Within just three days of hearing his presentation on becoming a commercial writer, I had actual clients." 

Claire Hamner Matturo, Author
Skinny-dipping, Wildcat Wine, Bone Valley, and Sweetheart Deal (William Morrow)
Tallahassee, FL


"After attending your seminar, I feel very motivated, but not in that naive, temporary way - I really feel like I can do this. Your practical advice on finding clients and real-life examples of success despite a 'down' economy helped me realize that my only limits are the ones I place on myself. Thank you for a great evening."

Deon Seifert
Indianapolis, IN

"As a new freelance commercial writer, I found The Well-Fed Writer Seminar extremely useful, informative and helpful. My confidence has been boosted 100% and my knowledge level even more."

Cynthia Ward - Seattle, Washington

"As a seasoned project consultant, this seminar not only got me thinking of new possibilities but raised my level of excitement for soliciting work for my existing business."

C. Berg - Seattle, Washington

"Sitting in on Peter Bowerman's seminar, based on his excellent book The Well-Fed Writer, was a treat. Seldom does a presenter handle himself or his material with such grace and ease. Everyone, including those of us who were already experienced in the freelancing market, came away "punched" with new ideas and a fresh approach. If there were stars to be given, Peter has earned five of them.

Geri Taran, Executive Director, Georgia Writers, Inc.

"After eight years in technical writing, this book and seminar have boosted my confidence about transitioning to full-time freelance commercial writing."

Kate O'Neill - Portland, OR

"As someone at the beginning of my freelance career, I found Peter's seminar very empowering. I now feel confident in my abilities to actually go out and do this!"

LaDonna Bubak - Portland, OR

"I have been to many marketing and writing seminars and this one has been the most practical for someone like me who is not a beginner. I've experienced the range of presenters from the worst to the best and Peter is very skilled as a teacher and presenter."

Ken Hoffman - Milwaukee, WI

"I've been freelancing for 14 years. No matter how long you've been at it, you can learn so much from Peter Bowerman."

Rich Buse - Milwaukee, WI

"Through your book and seminar, you have demonstrated how to make freelance writing an honest-to-goodness business. Thanks for all the great material."

JM - Madison, WI

"This class can get you started making money tomorrow. I am leaving with some specific activities I can do on Monday."

M.J. - Dallas, TX

"As a copywriter with 20 years of experience, I really appreciated your no-nonsense approach to marketing and the emphasis on practice. I'm leaving here with a renewed sense of commitment."

Sue Tague - Chicago, IL

"I would definitely recommend this course to anyone even thinking about a career in writing."

J.K. - Chicago, IL

"I try to attend a few seminars a year as 'rev me ups' and usually, they are. BUT, I seldom go home with any concrete information that actually impacts my (magazine and newspaper) work. After The Well-Fed Writer workshop, I am not only revved up but armed with THE info I need to break into commercial writing. The seminar offers practical tips, examples, and specific details for launching a full-time career writing for profit. I recommend it wholeheartedly!"

M.G. - Atlanta, GA

"I was amazed at the amount of information Peter Bowerman was able to pack into a short day. From marketing possibilities to the actual how-to's of building your business, it was all there. Any freelance writer, experienced or not, would benefit their career by spending a day with him."

Karen Dean - Athens, GA

"Thanks so much for the most valuable seminar I have ever attended! In my 18 year sales career, I have sat through meetings, conferences, workshops, ... you name it, only to feel that I truly had ADD. After a day at your seminar, I now realize that I never really had Attention Deficit Disorder, only Attention Disinterest Disorder! Your content was organized, interesting, and extremely valuable. Your numerous tips from a "been there, done that" standpoint should save me a lot of frustration. I am so fired up now, but probably more importantly, I truly feel FOCUSED. Thanks for everything, Peter!"

Brenda Young - Nashville, TN

"Peter Bowerman's seminar is one of the most useful and dynamic presentations I've ever attended - if you're ready to jump-start your corporate freelance career, don't begin without it."

Bev Walton-Porter - Review Editor, Coffeehouse for Writers

"Peter packs a lot of information into a single day. I drove 10 hours to the nearest seminar and I'd do it again tomorrow! Wow!"

Rita Hess - Enid, OK

"This is a great course for the beginner and expert alike - a lot of great tips and helpful information on getting started and about the business itself. I recommend it highly."

Kristie Thompson - Fayetteville, NC

"This seminar helped me figure out some of the 'missing links' in my own business success. I came away with great ideas for marketing my work to new clients."

Jaci Whitfield - Danville, VA

"Excellent for those breaking into this career. Peter's relaxed manner sets the tone for uninhibited learning."

W.P.M. - Charlotte, NC

"The Well-Fed Writer introduced me to an untapped market. I'm sure the information provided will springboard me into a higher tax bracket as I increase my client base. And my current clients will experience a refreshed, rejuvenated contributor to their team. I've got a suitcase full of new ideas to pull from."

Joni Strandquest - Atlanta, GA

"I'm a good writer and I've completed a number of freelance writing assignments, but the types of materials I do don't pay well. I'm not into writing because the muse calls me, but because I like to make money. Your seminar has shown me how to make more money while providing a great opportunity to network with other writers in the Nashville area. I wouldn't change a thing. I was really impressed."

Jennifer Coker - Nashville, TN

"The seminar makes the principles in the book seem that much more achievable. Having a successful writer in front of you sharing his methods is a powerful motivator. I'm all psyched up to begin my marketing!"

Karin Beuerlein - Loretto, TN

"What a great time I had at this seminar! The information and feedback from Peter, coupled with the opportunity to work with fellow writers on the concepts presented at the seminar and in your book, were invaluable to me and my writing business. I went home filled with ideas and possibilities."

Paula Ferron- Bowling Green, KY

"Outstanding, inspirational and very informative. Worth far more than the price I paid."

Joe Mierzwa - Highlands Ranch, CO

"This seminar is a "must-have" for anyone even thinking about freelance writing. Even those of us with experience benefit from the common-sense approach and plan for action. Thanks!"

Nancy Cruikshank - Colorado Springs, CO

"For anyone considering this field, Peter covers everything from A to Z. There's no question too dumb to ask or idea too far-out to share."

P.G. - Charlotte, NC

"This has been the most informative, entertaining and encouraging day I've spent in a long time. Thank you for giving me the education I needed."

Teresa Beeman - Rutherfordton, NC

"Peter's seminar is very enlightening and motivational for anyone who is interested in becoming a freelance commercial writer. I'm looking forward to becoming a well-fed writer!"

A. Adams - Charlotte, NC

"I couldn't wait to come to this seminar and it was well worth the wait! I not only learned a bunch to get me started, but I had fun doing it. If you aspire to be a writer and don't want to starve while you get underway, learn about freelancing for Corporate America. I can't wait to get started!"

Kathy Powers - Atlanta, GA

"This seminar is an excellent guidepost for both novice and established professional writers. One leaves with a clear direction on how to map a future to financial and career success."

Angela Lane Woods - Powder Springs, GA

"If you have ever considered commercial freelance writing, take this class! Peter's relaxed style will convince you it's easy and possible."

Julie Hood - St. Louis, MO

"Peter's seminar is just as enjoyable as his book…informative, practical and fun."

John C. - South Bend, IN

"I attended your first seminar in Atlanta...which was absolutely fantastic. Not only the best ‘how-to’ I ever attended but the ONLY one that actually told me ‘how-to’!"
Mickey Goodman - Atlanta, GA
"I thought this seminar was terrific. Thank you for the humor and the great advice. Having some people in the class who are freelancing makes me know that I can achieve this goal. As a beginner, I realize that I have a lot to do (from getting samples to creating a web site, etc) & your seminar was the perfect start."

Eileen Flaherty - Seattle, WA
"Practical and specific in detail, but the creative writer still shines through!"

Murray Tandet - Jacksonville, FL

"Peter Bowerman’s class was well planned and very informative. I was especially interested in his comments concerning spending too much time reading and responding to Facebook, twitter, tweets etc. Time that would be more productive if spent writing/marketing. I recommend his class to anyone interested in learning about ways to be successful as an author.   

Darlien C. Breeze - Las Vegas, NV